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G-Suite Delivers Better Support for People Who Don't Write Well


Sick of grammatical errors making you look dumb in front of your boss?

Fortunately, Google is tired of these mistakes too. That's why one of the world's biggest cloud and AI companies have decided to roll out a better quality of spell check for today's G-Suite users. Just as tools like Grammarly grow increasingly popular thanks to their ability to double-check your spelling in word-docs and underlying grammatical errors in emails, G-Suite is taking its own spell check to the next level. It's not just Gmail users that will see the benefits of the new addition either - but people all across the G-Suite. 

According to the press-release about the latest G-Suite features from Google, users will soon notice the arrival of helpful inline suggestions in all of their written content. These suggestions will be powered by the state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence tools that have sent so much new attention Google's way over the last couple of years. 

How Will The New Grammar Checker Work?

With algorithmic intelligence at the help, the new spell check function will auto-correct common spelling mistake, tense issues, and grammar problems, without you having to take any pesky additional steps. It's very similar to the predictive text feature available in Gmail, except you'll be able to access it throughout the entire G-Suite. 

As you type, Google will automatically correct your spellings for you, and spot where you've made other mistakes, like using the word 'meat' instead of 'meet' for instance. The tool is intended to be so useful that you could potentially send all your emails and submit your documents without having to proof-read your content at all. Though this probably isn't a good idea - it's something that might be possible soon - in theory. 

Rather than just assuming that you wanted to say 'her' instead if 'hair,' Google will make the correction then underline it, so you can click on the change and switch it back if you're not happy. If you don't have any underlines on your document at all, then you should have perfect content that's ready to send. 

While Google Docs has had this functionality for some time now, the fact that you can now access grammatical support on every component of the G-Suite is a big step forward. From the average employee's perspective, it means that you don't have to manually go through and check all your spellings when you're coming your emails and other documents. 

How Do People Feel About the Spell Check?

Like any new feature on a productivity suite, there are people who love the function, and people who aren't so sure. Critics are wondering whether the automatic approach being supported by Google will take the art out of the things we write, by making all of our content robotic. However, most people won't be worried about this - they'll just want to make sure that they're not sending spelling errors to their supervisors. 

Elsewhere in the digital world, there's a chance that companies like Grammarly are nervous about the arrival of this new feature too. After all, part of Grammarly's selling point is that you can install it into features on the G-Suite and even in Google Chrome. If you're a G-Suite user, you may not need to invest in Grammarly at all in the future. 

For now, there's no word on when the basic users of Google are going to see this feature rolling into the free versions of G-Suite. However, you should see it appearing on more professional versions of the tool by the time that you read this article. The new options are on by default, but if you don't like having Google peering over your shoulder when you type, you can turn the spell check, grammar check and other functions off individually in your settings. The ability to turn each feature off individually is great because it means you can keep grammar suggestions but remove autocorrect if you want to. 

Although the update to G-Suite is just a modest one - it's a big step forward for people who spend a lot of time and effort, making the most out of their moments on G-Suite. Google notes that some of the suggestions might not be perfect, to begin with, but as the machine learning algorithms improve, the service will evolve too.