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RingCentral brings a suite of Enterprise Apps to Cloud PBX.

ringcentral-enterprise-customers.pngForget about traditional PBX, the future of business communications is here with us! Enterprise communication is being influenced by various trends, many of which originate from the Generation Y segment of the consumer market, that are revolutionizing the way companies do business.

For businesses, there is a greater need for real-time communication and execution of business decisions in order to stay ahead of the curve and crush competition. All these rely on one particular component of business: Communication.


When you think of a ‘Cloud Phone System' the first thing that probably comes to mind is Vonage or the home service 3 in 1 unlimited package from your cable company.

For a business set up, you may consider VoIP business PBX that allows you to add extensions as quickly as a web based form and providing a VoIP business phone like a CISCO VoIP or POLYCOM VVX business phone.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that we have a hard time describing RingCentral as a Cloud Phone System. It’s a Cloud-based Communication System and includes so much more than your standard or custom VoIP provider can offer.


Why you should care about using RingCentral as your PBX:


One of the greatest advantages RingCentral offers as a business phone service is integration with Google Apps for Work.


RingCentral offers three basic plans: a standard plan, a premium plan, and an enterprise plan. Though different, these plans share some common features including system administration call management, mobile corporate apps, unlimited calling, conferencing and internet faxing and US-based support.

The difference comes in terms of the number of toll-free minutes offered per month, the number of people who can attend a video-conferencing call, among other factors.


For example, RingCentral’s Standard Plan starting at $19.99 per user for 100+ users offers:

  1. A conference call number like GotoMeeting or Webex Meetings – 1000 participant party call.
  2. Online Screenshare Meetings App like GotoMeeting or Webex Meetings
  3. GLIP, a yammer/ #Slack type collaboration suite
  4. Cloud Faxing – Send/ Receive Faxes from Google Drive and Gmail
  5. Mobile Apps – for iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Android that allow you to make/ receive VoIP calls as part of your business plan, send and receive text messages and even schedule conference calls from mobile.

Seriously, all these features and not forgetting unlimited calling, both inbound and outbound!


Determining which plan is right for your business will require you to identify which service features you need for your company. You can customize your plan with add-on features such as additional local, international, toll-free or vanity numbers.


Going the extra mile

Over 5 million businesses have integrated Google Apps into their day to day business operations. With a strong partnership between Google for Work and RingCentral, your company can enjoy greater communications capabilities.


Increased productivity

Perhaps the best part about using RingCentral as PBX is the fact that you don’t need to close down pages or switch programs to send an email, fax, make a call or meet with business partners. It has broken all boundaries allowing you to send or receive documents from wherever you are using your mobile device for as long as you can access an internet connection.


Developers can use RingCentral to customize your communication system to target all your business and corporate needs.


Increased mobility

When you use RingCentral as PBX, the running of your company is as far away from you as your smartphone or other mobile device. The integration of RingCentral with Google Apps helps your employees create business reports that you can review and respond to using your mobile device from wherever you are.


Your company’s entire communications system is always within touch. You can even make VoIP calls from outside the country. Additionally, your employees can work from home and still enjoy the same communication and technological benefits of working from the office.


Improved collaboration

Using RingCentral as PBX not only provides you with a direct connection to your employees but also clients and business partners and the best part is they don’t even have to be RingCentral’s customers!

You can easily invite yourclients or partners using iCal, Google Calendar or MS Outlook and connect online using Windows, Mac or your smartphone.


With RingCentral, you can connect with up to 50 people from multiple locations, saving on conference centers fees and expensive travel. It also offers high definition video and audio for video conferencing, which is at times a suitable mode of communication and individuals can even communicate directly with chat options such as hangouts without disrupting your meeting.


RingCentral integrated with Google for Work can do all this and more for your business. Get in touch with us and let us discuss how we can elevate, grow and transform your business by using RingCentral as PBX.