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Google Cloud Partner Program Grows with Tellius

Google Cloud Partner

As the Google Cloud Platform continues to grow, we're seeing the arrival of countless new names in the partner program, intended to provide support for developing partners in the tech environment. One of the most recent additions to the Google Cloud Partner Platform, is Tellius, a leading company in the intelligent analytics environment. 

Tellius provides an augmented analytics platform that's powered by both machine learning and artificial intelligence. The team's decision to integrate within the Google Cloud partner program means that Tellius is now certified to run on the GCP. Users will now be able to access Tellius on the Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS too. 

Additionally, Tellius has also worked hand-in-hand with the experts at Google to develop in-depth integrations with Google Analytics and BigQuery. 


Tellius, BigQuery and Google Analytics


Businesses use Tellius as a simple, fast and collaborative solution for data analysts, data scientists, and engineers that need help visualizing and accessing data using natural language, voice, and artificial intelligence insights. You can also leverage Tellius to automate machine learning processes across the entire business at scale. 

According to the Founder and CEO of Tellius, Ajay Khanna, with the company's partners at Google, they'll be able to deliver more innovative data analytics to accelerate the digital transformation journey for companies. Organizations will be able to grow more AI-driven and data-driven, using a state-of-the-art scalable infrastructure that's intuitive and accessible for all users. The solution will potentially drive huge productivity gains by allowing for better collaboration between data professionals and business users. 

Aside from being certified to run as part of the Google Cloud Platform, which is quickly becoming the go-to environment for businesses making the most out of their data investments, Tellius also has deeper integrations too. The in-depth partnerships with Google Analytics and Google BigQuery will take the partnership between Tellius and Google to the next level. Tellius will now be able to offer users an integrated enterprise layer where they can analyze multi-terabyte sets of data stored and managed on BigQuery. 

As GCP fans will know, BigQuery is Google's state-of-the-art and highly scalable data warehouse, complete with access to Business Intelligence and Machine Learning. Now that today's cloud users are searching for more agility, scalability and flexibility in their analytics and data offerings, the work that Tellius is doing with the Google Cloud Platform, Google Analytics, and BigQuery will be more important to the company's roadmap than ever. Head of Product at Tellius, Hardik Chheda believes that the development will be crucial to helping the business stand out, by giving users the option to have voice-enabled conversations with data. 


What Can You Do with Tellius and the GCP?


Using Tellius and the Google Cloud Platform, organizations will be able to unlock amazing AI-powered insights, predict business outcomes with machine learning, and more, all in a matter of seconds. Tellius within the Google cloud allows companies to:

  • Access database processing for interactive analytic processes. Tellius will allow users to interactively visualize and query huge amounts of data in a way that's resource-efficient and effective. 
  • Leverage Google Cloud for augmented analytics: Use the Google Cloud Compute Engine to take advantage of Google's amazing affordability, scalability and speed. 
  • Improve range of choice with access to multi-cloud and hybrid environments: Tellius can be deployed on private, public cloud and on-premise without having to worry about vendor lock-in. 
  • Run automated AI-driven analytics and machine learning strategies across a range of data sources: Tellius offers built-in connectors for easier access to databases like BigQuery, applications such as Google Analytics and many other cloud systems. 

Tellius is now officially available within the Google Cloud partnership program. Companies can schedule demonstrations or search for the Tellius AI powered analytics platform themselves. For companies interested in joining the Google Cloud Partner program, there are still spaces available. There are four types of partnership available in total, including opportunities for technology partners, services partners, education partners, and SaaS partners. Each option is tailored to a specific kind of organisation. 

The Tellius team believes that joining the Google partner program will help them to further build and develop their business with new solutions for customers. Additionally, it should give users the freedom to use all of their favorite Google services alongside Tellius.