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3 Things About RingCentral Enterprise that Every Business Should Know


Over the past few days, I have been familiarizing myself with RingCentral. Not only as a client, but as a reseller. RingCentral is a publicly traded provider of cloud-based phone systems for businesses. In layman’s terms, RingCentral is an online service that allows your business to manage the phones and extensions. I have spent several hours studying and preparing for the certifications that RingCentral offers. This time acquiring knowledge about the products and services that RingCentral provides has given me the opportunity to note some of the staple features of the company.  

Press 1 for Unlimited Extensions on RingCentral Enterprise plans


The first, and I say foremost, component worth mentioning is that RingCentral offers each company an unlimited amount of extensions. While RingCentral charges for each direct line, the service allows you to add as many dial-in extensions as you’d like. This feature can be extremely advantageous for up-and-coming businesses because it allows everyone in the company to be reached without breaking the bank. This also allows you to easily change extensions when employees leave your company or switch departments. Before, the entire answering message would need to be changed to accommodate for one employee.


Press 2 to have RingCentral take a message or forward a call based on your own schedule.


Another useful tool that RingCentral offers is found in the “Call Handling & Forwarding” module of each user. Under this module it has the option “Then forward calls to” which gives you the ability to add multiple lines at which each user can be reached. Another cool aspect of these feature is that you can choose whether those calls will be made sequentially or simultaneously. Suppose, in a hypothetical situation, you run a small business and are frequently in and out of the office. This feature will allow clients to reach your cell phone concurrently with your office phone. This way, if nobody is in the office to take their call, they can reach you wherever you are.


Guy_Telephone.pngPress 3 to Hear All of RingCentral’s Business Plan Options.

The last thing I think every company should know about RingCentral is that they have different services and products depending on your business needs. One of the first steps in the buyer’s guide for RingCentral is to “define your business needs.” There a variety of options for different sized businesses. If your business is ‘growing’ RingCentral allows you to establish your business quickly. RingCentral keeps start-up costs low while establishing a main number for your business in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re ‘scaling’ or trying to more efficiently run your business, RingCentral has options that will meet most of your business-phone needs.

Have anymore questions about RingCentral? I'm a RingCentral Certified Communications Professional; ask me anything in the box below!