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Achieve Call Center Harmony with Universal Queue


The queue is one of the most important parts of any call center. A properly configured queue allows your to organize your callers by need, department, severity, and if needed can direct customers to specific employees. Changes in technology have also added emails and chat as viable means of contact. Part of a properly organized queue is the ability to handle customer communication from all these various sources. With RingCentral Contact Center’s Universal Queue you can easily organize all means for customer contact.

An Introduction to RingCentral Contact Center

The RingCentral Contact Center is a cutting edge contact center based entirely in the cloud. By using the RingCentral Contact Center you gain access to a work platform that offers many advantages to you and your employees. This affordable and scalable platform allows your workers the flexibility to login and access the phone queue from anywhere with an internet connection and use any type of phone they wish be it a traditional home phone, cellular, or VOIP system. As a supervisor you also gain the ability to review calls in real time, coach if needed, take over a call, and view a wide assortment of reports on call center activity.

The RingCentral Contact Center also offers the ability to organize your company’s call queue like never before. The Universal Queue system allows you to structure and organize all the different channels of customer communication needed for the modern business market. 


What Is The Universal Queue?

The Universal Queue allows you to combine all chains of customer communication into a single customizable system. Many call centers currently have multiple chains of communication depending on how the customer initiates contact. For example you may currently have different systems to handle phones, emails, and chat requests. All of this creates a disorganized system that decreases customer satisfaction. Plus trying to get an overall picture of your company’s complete workflow also becomes difficult due to using so many different unconnected contact systems. The Universal Queue removes this fragmentation by combining all customer communication (no matter what its source) under a single point of contact program.

Once all your channels of communication have been combined you can then organize them in a variety of ways. You can set up different quest for different departments, prioritize certain clients, customized employee interaction based on skill level (for example some employees may only answer emails) and organize customer communication no matter how it comes to you. This not only improves customer satisfaction due to increased communication flexibility but also makes communication easier for your employees and gives you a complete and accurate overview of your company’s workflow.


As the above information shows the Universal Queue allows you to organize your customer interaction and channels of communication with a degree of control you’ve never had before. This assures that no matter what channel an important call comes in on it will be prioritized and dealt with. Also as a supervisor the Universal Queue gives you an exact picture of what types of communication are coming into your call center and how your agents react to it. Lastly, with the Universal Queue you can be sure that your callers are receiving the same customer experience and quality no matter how they choose to contact your business.