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Use Google Apps to Call, Text,Meet and Fax [Demo on Demand]


RingCentral for Google brings a suite of new communication features to Google Apps. Google Apps and the cloud have taken the world of business by storm, but even the capabilities of Gmail and Hangouts haven't been able to subsititute an office PBX system. RingCentral's new Google Apps implementation fixes that issue, and in this post we're going to explain how.

RingCentral Is A Better PBX Solution

Compared to traditional office PBX solutions, RingCentral is significantly cheaper, thanks to its usage of pre-existing hardware and cloud computing technology. In addition to being better for your budget, RingCentral also takes advantage of the cloud by allowing employees to access business communications at home, abroad or on the go, instead of just at work. Google Apps features these remote capabilities, too, allowing your workers more flexibility in terms of how and where they work.


On the Google end of things, you probably know a thing or two about it already. Google Apps for Work includes all the popular, free Google Apps available to the public wrapped into a business suite with extra features. This includes Gmail, which can now be used with your business' domain, among other features, and all the components of Google Drive, for collaboration and cloud storage. Cloud communication and a cloud office suite- how do they combine?


RingCentral For Google Puts Everything In One Place

With RingCentral for Google, all of RingCentral's features can be integrated into Google Apps. This means sending business faxes from Google Drive and Documents, making voicecalls, managing voicemails and SMS from within Gmail, and scheduling conference calls in Calendar. With the progression of technology to becoming simpler, but more powerful, RingCentral for Google combines work with communication in a single suite of applications, saving your employees the extra stress and your computers the extra work.


Learn More About RingCentral and Google Apps

Of course, without a demonstration, all of that likely sounds like hearsay. So watch this video demonstration of Ringcentral for Google.





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