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Using RingCentral to Extend Google Apps

RingCentral for Google incorporates cloud technology with the communication and collaboration aspects of Google Apps for Work to launch them to a greater level of efficiency. Google has taken some of its most popular web applications and combined them into a suite of software tools to which business owners can subscribe. RingCentral for Google offers a phone system that integrates those tools into a unique communications package without the need for expensive hardware upgrade.


RingCentral in Gmail - The Ultimate Integration


Thanks to RingCentral, you can read your email and with a few simple clicks, dial the sender and talk to him directly, all without ever leaving your browser. You can send text messages directly from your computer screen to your client's cell phone. Scheduling a web meeting  is quick and easy from within the Gmail application, integrating it directly into Google Calendar.


Google Drive Integration for Voicemail & Fax

This application lets you store work files in the cloud for instant access by all team members, eliminating clumsy attachments and complicated document merging. RingCentral for Google lets you fax them directly from the application. 


Extending Google Hangouts with RingCentral

Hangouts makes your meetings personal with HD video meetings with up to 15 participants. You can collaborate with colleagues in multiple locations, sharing documents via laptops, tablets and phones. RingCentral Conferencing can increase participation from 15 to a 1000!


Google Calendar Integration

Keep your team on track with integrated online calendars that fuses the features of Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts. Check availability, contact participants and create an appointment in one smooth operation. RingCentral lets you add more people to your meetings and send out reminders and related documents. Calendars limited to specific work groups simplify project management. Use Google Calendar to schedule RingCentral Meetings directly from the app.


Google Docs & More RingCentral Meetings

ringcentral-for-google-meetingsRingCentral allows you to fax directly from Google Docs, just as it does from Google Drive. Critical documents are available to the appropriate staff members instantly, whether they are in your office, traveling or working on the other side of the country. Sharing documents in additional locations via RingCentral is easier than walking a copy across the hall. RingCentral Meetings' ability to record the session combined with shared documents lets absent participants catch up later.

If you are happy with the power Google Apps has brought your company, you will be delighted with the expanded functions of RingCentral for Google. When you are ready to take your communication system to the next level, it is Coolhead Tech's pleasure to help you take that step.