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Who Are Google's Cloud AI Partners, and Why Do They Matter to Your Business?


Google is one of the most reliable companies in the world when it comes to accessing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. In recent years, Google has proven itself to be a source of incredibly complex, yet easy to access AI strategies, perfect for the hybrid and multi-cloud environments. One of the ways that Google makes sure that anyone can access the artificial intelligence benefits of the flexible cloud world, is through access to "Cloud AI Partners". 

If you've been with the GCP for a while now, then you'll know that there's a "Find A Partner" option to suit virtually every need. The Google Cloud partner community provides today's businesses with access to a database of highly-trained and certified Google professionals who know how to accomplish goals in everything from data management, to business intelligence and more. You can find partners with specific "Expertise" and "Specialization" accreditations on the Google network, and these individuals have proven that they have what it takes to navigate even the most complicated parts of the Google cloud on your behalf. 

However, though there are many partners to choose from in the Google landscape, the most popular of all are those that specialize in AI and machine learning. It makes sense that these experts would draw the most attention in an age where Deloitte has found that 57% of IT leaders now use global AI and cloud computing solutions int heir enterprise.


Taking Advantage of Google Cloud AI Partners

According to the Deloitte study mentioned above, around 37% of companies plan on using cloud AI in the next two years. The demand for flexible solutions in artificial intelligence is growing as the versatile consumption model of the cloud becomes more appealing. By examining the current trends in AI and machine learning, we can see that in almost every industry, there's at least some demand for data analytics, machine learning, or automation. 

Google's Cloud AI partners are the technology leaders that allow people from any business environment to tap into the benefits of the cloud, regardless of what kind of previous experience they might have in this area. You can find experts that specialize in everything from Deep AI applications, to off-the-shelf AI ecosystems. Within the Google Cloud AI ecosystem, the partners available to work with are categorized based on the industry that they operate in. The categories you can explore include:

  • Contact center and customer service
  • Enterprise content and documentation management
  • Machine learning data tooling, readiness and automation
  • Enterprise solutions for retail, media, finance, IT, admin, process automation and more
  • Machine learning services for advanced analytics, data modeling and big data management

For example, one of the leading Cloud AI partners, Gigster is well-known for it's ability to build advanced applications on the "Edge" of the cloud computing environment. The business solves a range of complex problems for companies related to image classification, software development issues in Alexa skill development, and ML modeling. 

Similarly, Big Data and Computer Vision partner Quantiphi also offers similar assistance for advanced platforms in AI machine learning and big data. This company can help businesses with things like speech recognition, natural language understanding, video intelligence, and more. There's even a pre-made technology stack with already-trained machine learning services available from Quantiphi.


Unlocking Opportunities with Cloud AI Partners

Google has a strong reputation to live up to when it comes to cloud technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It's probably no surprise then that the company only works with the very best partners on the market. On one side of the coin, Google offers a host of up-and-coming competitors in the AI environment. For instance, InfluxData is an offering in the open-source Time Series database environment. This company can help with things like IoT monitoring and risk analytics in the convergence of IIoT, cloud, edge, and monitoring solutions in AI. 

Additionally, Google recently added a graph database management system to the partner ecosystem called Neo4j - this connection-first model broadens the abilities of users to measure, identify, and improve persisting connections in their network. 

On the other hand, Google also works with a wide variety of larger, more established companies in their partner ecosystem too, such as Cisco, Accenture, Deloitte, Dell, Salesforce, Intel and many others. This means that whether you're looking for one of the most robust and well-known partners in the world, or you're planning on expanding your AI environment with an up-and-coming innovator, Google can help. 

This year, the Google cloud partnership community is growing faster than ever. If you haven't explored what you can do with the help of a Google partner yet, now could be the time to start.