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10 Ways Google Cloud Keeps GSuite Apps Secure


GSuite Apps offer several advantages to your company and also offer solutions for many issues encountered in the modern business world including company wide sharing of information, portability, ease of access, cross OS compatibility, and security. For the purposes of this entry the focus will be on security and how Google keeps your company information safe and the tools it gives you as an administrator to meet your company’s safety standards.


A Culture Of Security


Google’s dedication to security starts at the employee level. All of their hires are not only trained on security during their onboarding process but also receive further training on new information and changes in computer security during their careers. Google also has a staff of over 550 security experts including some of the most skilled security professionals in the field. They also reach out to the greater industry to work with and improve security standards. Outside assistance is also encouraged by offering monetary rewards and praise for outside security experts who find vulnerabilities. Also all software is strictly tested during the development cycle against possible security threats and to increase overall software safety.


Information Transparency


Part of security is having access to the information you need and also having full access to your company’s own information. Google is transparent in how they handle the sensitive information they receive from their many clients. Information such as location of data servers, performance, or overall company procedures are all readily available. You also have complete access to your company's information at all times and can download a complete record free of charge and make modifications (deleting data, adding data, reorganizing, etc.) at any and all times.


Security Features of G Suite Apps


GSuite Apps include several security features and protections designed to keep you and your company’s data safe from unauthorized access. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Data Loss Prevention: one chief area of concern with security is guarding against sensitive information being released. With DLP settings you can block certain phrases, terms, information, etc. from being sent via email. DLP settings not only scan the email but also any attachments. You also have options on how to respond to this including blocking, quarantining, or requiring the email be rewritten.

  • 2-step verification: greatly increases overall security by requiring additional proof of identity along with the correct password. Use of an encrypted Security Key also protects against common phishing techniques used to bypass security protection.

  • Single Sign On:  by integrating your GSuite Apps with SSO you can connect existing company logons to a multitude of GSuite Apps using SAML 2.0 security verification. By using SSO you not only increase security but also increase employee convenience by using a single log on.

  • Information Sharing And Protection: using Google Drive allows your employees to have access to an easy to use cloud based solution for file storage. With Information Rights Management settings you can disable sharing, copying, and printing of company documentation to ensure sensitive information stays safe.

  • Data Records: with Google’s online GSuite Apps Vault you can easily save important email records. This allows you to to create a specialized and easy to use database of essential company information and communication.

  • Mobile Device Security: with mobile devices becoming an increasingly large part of the business world being able to monitor and protect them is essential. From your GSuite Apps For Work control panel you can monitor and configure mobile devices. Features include pushing company wide security configurations and remote device whipping if needed.

  • Login Monitoring: to protect against unauthorized individuals trying to log into your company accounts Google ‘learns’ how to identify suspicious logins and sends an alert to your administrators when such activity is detected.

  • Spam/Malware: Google’s filters protect your email from spam and malware. Their highly efficient system lets less than 0.1 percent of spam through and their real time scanning of attachments blocks malware before it gets to your employees.

  • No Ads: advertisements have become a popular way for hackers to steal sensitive information through security vulnerabilities in common plugins. Google has no advertisements in their core services and in fact does not collect any information for the purposes of advertising.

  • Your Data Access Is Respected: Google also greatly respects access to your company’s data. Because of this the number of Google employees who can access client data is carefully controlled, monitored, and on a need to know basis.

European Union Standards


Lastly, for international businesses Google meets the standards set by the Article 29 Working Party to protect sensitive data in the EU. Google does this by meeting the Model Contract Clauses established by the commission and by meeting the standards of the Data Processing Amendment which you can also view directly from your administration control panel.