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2 Reasons to use Austin's Local Google Apps Reseller

Running a business can stretch you thin with trying to manage every aspect on your own. Trying to gather the knowledge and resources to function your business is challenging, but there are resources that allow for more ease in managing your business.

describe the imageGoogle Business Apps has arrived to make the workload on small and medium sized businesses less of a burden. Google Business Apps are a great way to keep your business organized. Google Incorporated is partnered with local apps resellers who provide the same business apps and services as the global brand. Many businesses are either unaware or uncertain about crossing over to a third party seller, but these questioning thoughts can hinder the progression of your business. There are many benefits to switching to a local app reseller and below are 2 great reasons your business should consider switching to Coolhead Tech, your local app reseller.

Reason 1: Gaining the benefits of an Independent 3rd Party

Local resellers provide additional apps aside from Google business apps. The varieties of apps are keen to help your business grow, stay organized and secured in the process. Apps offered are Microsoft Office 365 and over 20 ISV apps. A few of the apps that can be purchase include Spanning, a cloud application that is a worthy investment of any business owner. A great amount of a business’s life is stored digitally online and without the proper secured network you can lose the data forever, crippling your business. Spanning is an app that prevents these particular instances from happening. Nightly Spanning will back up your business’s data storing the files in the Amazon Web Service, one of the most trusted and secure in the world.  Another great app that is available for businesses through your local app reseller is Cloudlock

Partnering alongside your local app reseller you are given resources to many of the greatest apps that will further your business to grow. You no longer have to spend hours, days or weeks of research going through the thousands of business apps available. Here at Coolhead Tech we help take off the load by researching and offering your business the best apps at a great and reasonable price. There is still a third and final reason your business to switch to your friendly local app reseller.

Reason 2 Keeping it in the heart of Texas

As a local app reseller we are more than a phone call, but a drive away. Questions may cloud your mind when trying to work with your Google Business Apps, going through step by step on the phone with tech support may not be the solution you are looking for, this is where your neighborly hero the local app reseller comes to the rescue. We are able to provide our services in person if a question ever rises to your mind, this can be less intimidating and allows for you to become more comfortable and trusting in having a local app reseller provide the apps and services needed.

Go Local Austin Card - Coolhead Tech EditionAs a local app reseller we understand the Austin market and look to help promote and further progress our local businesses. We are here to work for our clients not for Google through our services. Coolhead Tech seeks to hold a lasting relationship with our clients that establishes the trust and security by working individually to help ensure the success of our clients. We want to help build a stronger market in Austin providing substantial growth to the thriving heart of Texas.

Switching to a local app reseller you receive a discount on services that will save your business money, you are presented the best business apps that are beneficial to your business saving you time and the hassle of research. Your business’ information will always be secured and private in the trusted and insured heads of Coolhead Tech.