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10 Google Work Space (G Suite) Speed Hacks to Accelerate Your Business


Google Work Space (G Suite) is one of the world’s leading platforms for productivity. Now that Google is working harder than ever on making the Work Space (G Suite) into the perfect solution for collaboration and communication in the enterprise, there are even more ways that you can access it to enhance the performance of your teams. However, a lot of companies still haven’t discovered the true potential of G Suite for themselves.

If you’ve been exploring the Google landscape for a while now, but you’re concerned that you could be missing out on some incredible productivity hacks, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a complete list of amazing ways for you to enhance your performance with Google Work Space (G Suite) – including plenty of ideas that you may want to consider after reading this.

  1. Learn How Your Business Operates with Insights.
  2. Using Labels, Filters and Colors in Gmail.
  3. Curate and Manage Marketing Materials Automatically.
  4. Schedule Meetings Direct from Emails.
  5. Make Writing Easier.
  6. Grab Your Own Google Assistant.
  7. Listen to Your Content, Don’t Read it.
  8. Get Quick Summaries of Your Documents.
  9. Use Voice Typing to Get Things Done Fast.
  10. Visualize Your Data in Various Unique Ways.

The Work Insights tool from Google Work Space (G Suite) was designed specifically to help companies measure and understand the impact of the latest digital transformation measures in their organizations. This unique tool ensures that you can understand exactly what’s going on in your workplace, from top to bottom. At first, you might wonder how having a complete overview of your company would improve your productivity and efficiency. However, once you begin putting the insights that you get from your Google Work Space (G Suite) solution into action, you’ll see the benefits for yourself.

Things like adoption charts from Work Insights allow you to track if people are actually deploying the tools that you’ve given them to work more efficiently. You can see where bottlenecks exist in your landscape, and pinpoint the areas where your employees are most comfortable adopting new tech. If you’re currently in the middle of a digital transformation project, you can even use Work Insights to determine whether your new collaboration tools are helping you to reach your internal goals.

The more you know about your company, the easier it is to help that business evolve.

Gmail is one of the world’s most popular email providers for a reason. The tool is absolutely packed full of ways to enhance your everyday communications, from smart compose with artificial intelligence, to tabs that help you organize your communications. One particularly useful feature for companies looking to accelerate speed, is the option to add labels to your emails.

Imagine you wanted to make sure that your team members never missed an email from their manager. You can set up a label and filter that makes it easier for employees to identify these crucial messages. Simply visit the Settings section and click on the Labels item in the menu. You can name that label, give it a distinct color, and even apply a filter to the label. Adding a filter ensures that only certain email addresses are attributed to any given label.

Wish that the Google Work Space (G Suite) could just do more of your work for you?

Maybe it can.

Imagine you’re working for an IT company, and you know that your customers are interested in getting marketing materials on specific subjects, like connectivity or mobility. You can use the Google Forms environment in Google Work Space (G Suite) to gather requests for content and curate email relevant information on the right topics. When users check the boxes on the form, they’ll get an email with all the assets that they’re interested in, thanks to the JavaScript platform from Google, Apps Script.

You can use a Google Docs template with this trick to make your email appear more professional with custom fonts and logos too. The Google team has created a full list of step-by-step instructions for automating your marketing messages within Google here. It could be one of the easiest ways to start connecting with your clients on a deeper level, without having to invest in a separate marketing and email automation tool.

The best thing? Your email workflow begins every time a user submits their form response, thanks to the unique functionality within Google Forms.

Stop worrying about clicking through to your calendar when you get a request for a meeting. With the Google Work Space (G Suite), you don’t need to head to the calendar to send a meeting invite. Instead, you can schedule meetings from Gmail directly.

One of the biggest benefits of using Google Work Space (G Suite) as your productivity suite is that all of your applications are already tightly integrated and infused with the leading artificial intelligence solutions from Google. This makes it easy for people to move seamlessly from one to-do list item for another, without being disrupted. If you’re new to working in G Suite, then you can check out some tips on Google’s blog, or visit the Apps Admin blog instead!

If you’re struggling to coordinate schedules with meetings, then you can use the Google Work Space (G Suite) to assist with that too. With the option to “propose a new time” to colleagues, you can allow your meeting attendees to automatically accept a proposed time, without having to worry about back-and-forth conversations about possible time-frames.

Writing is hard work – whether it’s a document for a crucial client, or an email to someone that your company is collaborating with. As tough as creating the right content can be, you also can’t afford to make any mistakes. One error with your spelling or grammar could damage your entire business reputation. That’s why Google adds AI-enhanced capabilities into Docs to make it faster and easier for people to create more error-free high-quality content.

For instance, Smart Compose was introduced in Gmail in 2018, then in 2019, it arrived in Google Docs too. The Smart Compose functionality uses artificial intelligence from Google to suggest complete sentences as you draft your emails. The solution has saved people 2 billion characters of typing each week! You can check out the service on Gmail or Docs today.

Speaking of making your writing more intelligent, you can also rely on Google to help you reduce your spelling and grammatical issues too. The neural network technology from Google is embedded into Docs to help you avoid errors in your internal and external communications. You’ll be able to access everything from spelling auto-correct in Docs, to suggestions that are customized to your specific business.

Tapping into the power of Google Assistant could be the easiest way to minimize some of the stress of daily business operations. Google Assistant helps you to accomplish more when you’re on-the-go as long as you’re logged into your Google Work Space (G Suite) account. For instance, you can use Google Assistant to manage your calendar wherever you are.

When you’re on the commute home, or you’re heading to a new meeting, your Google Assistant can help you to manage your schedule within the Google Calendar. You can even ask your Assistant to read your calendar to you when you can’t check your phone or create events on your behalf. The Google Assistant can also reschedule events that you can’t make too.

For more simplicity and safety on the move, Google Assistant also allows you to dial into calls and send quick messages completely hands-free. By saying “Hey Google” you can instantly join your next meeting, send emails to a coworker, or anything else you choose. This is an exciting way to speed up the way that things get done when you’re travelling. What’s more, you can keep yourself safe too, by keeping your eyes on the road when driving.

Speaking of keeping yourself up-to-date when you can’t read something, Google also has other ways to deliver your content to you via audio. The Google Work Space (G Suite) environment is interoperable with a range of screen reader tools. This makes it excellent for both people on the go, and those with vision issues. With a screen reader, you can interact with and control applications, however you choose, using nothing but audio and voice.

Google’s Google Work Space (G Suite) solution comes with support in-built for a number of popular screen readers, including the Chrome Vox option from Google. The Chrome Vox technology comes automatically built into various Chrome devices, including Chromebooks. All you need to do is enable the screen reading functionality.

You can also choose the “Select-to-Speak” feature within Google Work Space (G Suite) to read content to you allowed using text-to-speech technology. All you need to do is highlight text in a Google application and click on the select-to-speak button.

In a hurry and need to make sure that you’re up-to-date on the latest information in your business? Google’s Google Work Space (G Suite) can help with that. The Google Docs environment makes it easy to keep track of all the contributions made to a document, without having to worry about looking at every change. There’s a Live Edits feature with Google today that’s particularly useful for people who use a Screen Reader too.

The Live Edits function periodically summarizes any changes that are made to documents by providing information within a sidebar on Google Work Space (G Suite). You can comment and collaborate in Docs using screen reader technology too. If you’re worried about issues like visual crowding, you can also explore the different Lexend font families that are now available with Google Work Space (G Suite). This ensures that staying connected and collaborating with Google is easier than ever.

Voice typing is another fantastic productivity tool for people who don’t have the time to sit down and use a keyboard. This feature was introduced by Google as a useful function for people with motor disabilities and low vision who might not be able to use mice and keyboard setups. However, anyone can take advantage of the voice typing functionality.

The system works by converting your voice into text using state-of-the-art Google artificial intelligence. You can even use voice commands to select text and edit specific sections. Voice Typing means that you can easily articulate full email messages, documents, and announcements when you’re on the move. You can use the voice typing functionality with the Google Work Space (G Suite) apps on your phone to speak when you’re travelling, rather than carrying a clunky laptop with you.

Finally, Google ensures that sharing data with your team members and facilitating seamless collaboration is as quick and simple as possible too. For instance, you can choose exactly how you want to present your data and information to your colleagues on Google Docs, Sheets, and other applications too.

There are more than 30 different type options to choose from on Google Sheets alone. If you want to draw attention to a crucial metric in a sheet, then you can use the Scorecard chart from Google Google Work Space (G Suite) to do that. This is great for highlighting things like the total sales number for your organization’s top product, or how percentages have increased or decreased over time.

You can also use a waterfall chart to illustrate how values have added or subtracted from a starting value over time. For instance, you might illustrate how your product sales have increased since the last quarter. Companies can even represent different sets of data using lines and bars with a combo chart.

Ready to Accelerate your Business?

The Google Work Space (G Suite) offers countless ways for companies to become more efficient and effective in the way that they communicate, work and collaborate. The hacks above are just some of the many ways that you can transform your company with G Suite. However, there are countless other excellent opportunities to explore too.

If you’re looking for a personalized way to transform your company with Google Work Space (G Suite), reach out to the team here at  Apps Admins today to find out more.