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2 Ways Google Apps is different from a free @gmail account.

Google in itself has an umbrella of services, whether, you are translating, searching with Google places, setting appointments with your personal calendar, or downloading on the Google play store;  Google has a free ad-supported Gmail version for the general public. However, Google Apps for Business takes the free Gmail service and adds more productivity and communication features.  Google business apps truly defines and aides a business to do exactly what it is set out to do: Succeed. 

Personalized Email

Firstly, personalized features that all businesses enjoy are elements that reinforce the brand.  When signing in to Google business apps, you can log in with a company e-mail address.  With this feature, your company looks professional.  Having your brand name with a personal ending, you can easily manage what is being sent across your domain.  The most practical way, is to assign an Information Technology (IT) administrator to monitor traffic.  Google Apps for Business allows you communicate internationally, so that your business does not stop because of language. 

In general, personalized email, allows for scheduling and planning of events for the office.  G-mail for the business allows everyone to work with G-mail from their phones.  Simply,  wherever there is an internet connection, you can send and receive emails, and if you are disconnected, the offline feature, enables your business to continue functioning.  

Scheduling and Planning 

Google apps calendar works with your "personalized domain" by allowing, certain parties have complete, or full control over the scheduling of events.  Firstly, this coincides with why personal emails are key.  In order to give someone access to an event, they have to be under the same domain.  This allows for better planning, security, and a streamlining of events.  Google business apps Calendar is useful for conference room sharing in two ways :

  1. Share With Others- No one outside your domain can see the events that are scheduled
    • The only exception that comes to this rule is if you personally invite them, but they can only see the information about the meeting. 
  2. Share With My Domain- This is an interesting feature, because you can be more specific with, what and how much each individual can see on your calendar. 

G-mail is a great advent for a personalized experience on G-mail.  With a standard G-mail account, you can message and stay connected with friends, message and have an intimate experience with Google. In contrast, with the Google Business apps, it clearly defines what it is set out to do, and that is create a an enhanced corporate experience with Google business apps tools, so that your business can operate professionally and organizationally.