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Our 3 Favorite Integrations for Gmail for Business Users


Using Gmail for your business is a solution that will work well for many small businesses but shows its limitations when implemented for larger organizations. However, adding a few business app integrations to Gmail can make it an efficient tool for everything from customer relationship management (CRM), business communications and document management.

Adding a few business app integrations to Gmail can quickly turn the email platform into an efficient business dashboard. These three integrations will get you on your way to a more productive (and profitable) business experience.


Hubspot Sales for Gmail (Free-$50/mo)


Hubspot is the leader in inbound marketing and they continually release new products that will help your company make more sales. Hubspot Sales integrates seamlessly with Gmail and supplies you with a very powerful CRM.

With this integration you can quickly add prospects you the database and view their progress through the buying process. It also allows you to see when and how many times a prospect has opened your email.

With its scheduling feature, you can send emails to your prospects and customers at just the right time. Let’s say you have a prospect in another time zone and you want them to receive an email when they get into work. You can have it sitting at the top of their inbox as soon as they sit down.


Along with these power features Hubspot Sales offers you:
  • A selection of email templates that ensure your approaches are most effective
  • The ability to share sales documents & content
  • Collect metrics on performance


RingCentral for Google (Free with RingCentral)


ringcentral-for-google-dialer_1.pngAs business becomes more mobile you and your employees need to be in contact with customers and suppliers wherever they are. RingCentral allows them to access call, texts, faxes and voicemail from anywhere, all on one screen.

This one-screen-does it-all feature will save valuable time because you can send calls and texts directly from your Gmail account.

If you need to send a fax, say a proposal or agreement, you can use RingCentral to send it directly from Gmail or Google Docs.

One of the most popular features of this business app integration is that you can access the communications history for any prospect or customer. If your sales team needs to prepare for a sales presentation they can easily review the past communications with their prospect and tailor their pitch to the customer’s needs and wants.


HelloSign E-Document Signing (Free - $40/mo)


With the HelloSign plugin you can open, edit and sign documents inside the Gmail interface. These executed documents are legally binding and they are backed up in your HelloSign account. Signing a document is as easy as typing your name.

While some business professional may balk at the thought of sending legally binding documents out over the Internet, HelloSign offers bank-level security. They use the latest SSL encryption when sending documents to give you peace of mind.

HelloSign is incredibly flexible and you can request signatures from up to 20 people for one document. You can set it up the get the signatures in a particular order or all at once. Once the document has been fully executed, all signators will get a copy sent to their inbox. You can also see who has signed the document with regular status updates.


By adding these three business app integrations to Gmail you will not only become more efficient but your team will become mobile and can service your clients better. As the business landscape becomes more competitive and profit margins shrink you must become more efficient in everything you do. Choosing the right business app integrations can give your business an advantage over your competitors and help you gain a larger market share.