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3 Guiding Principles of A Succesful Business Apps Admin

leadership-to-the-cloud.jpgKnowing someone's values and ideals is a way of understanding how they will act when choices are placed in front of them through the course of life and work. When you entrust the performance of your Google Apps to a certified Google Apps Admin, they should be ready and willing to answer the question of what being an admin means to them and the guiding principles that govern the way they will treat your data.


Focus on Facilitating the Workflow

Companies do not adopt applications into their strategies just because of a snappy logo or the force of peer pressure. They are looking to select applications that reinvent the way that they handle business and revolutionize their workflow for greater productivity. The success of Google Apps for Work and other popular apps can be attributed to continuous refinement of the tools within the apps to make them both more immediately useful out of the box and more versatile in the hands of a trained administrator.

Above all else, the Apps Admin is dedicated to the mission of fulfilling the role for which the company chose the app in the first place.   If the app is a social media management tool, the admin is responsible for keeping the posts rolling out and the sharing metrics coming in. For data storage and sharing apps like Google Drive, the admin controls how the data is organized and who has access to each folder or document.


Apps Admins Keep Open Channels of Communication and Teamwork

While an Apps Admin does sit in the captain's chair that has control over how the app operates, they answer to the orders of company executives, rely on the expert advice of their peers, have to carefully manage and cultivate their IT and personnel resources, and are responsible for the experience of the staff members using the app. The only way to do this is to keep open lines of communication with everyone who is influenced by the app's performance.


Communication should be viewed as a continuous process between elements in the chain of command. The Apps Admin will send detailed reports containing performance reports, explanation of new features and changes, recommendations for future actions, and any other information that they feel is necessary for the executive to make an educated decision on the course of the app. These reports should be influenced by the commentary of end users and staff members, and the resulting orders from the executives should govern future changes until the process is repeated.


Apps Admins Always Maintain Privacy and Professionalism

An Apps Admin has to exemplify a commitment to both privacy and professionalism to ensure that as much pertinent data is stored as possible without compromising security.

Data is powerful, and what happens to your data can have a dramatic impact in the real world. The Apps Admin can have access to a wide range of documents like customer profiles, confidential communications, and more which contain personally identifying information or content covered by the terms of non-disclosure agreements and other legally binding paperwork. With control over these vital pieces of digital information, the Apps Admin has to exemplify a commitment to both privacy and professionalism to ensure that as much pertinent data is stored as possible without compromising security.

This is done through careful access management control that guides who can and can't see a piece of information. The Apps Admin is not immune from these access control rules; even if they can access all of the data stored in their managed apps, they should leave it untouched unless authorized or necessary due to extenuating circumstances.


Apps Admins Lead from the Front on Tech Matters

An Apps Admin's final directive is to guide the company forward in updating their applications and potentially including new applications into the company strategy. With the guiding hand of an Apps Admin serving as the focal point for how the company's app selection moves forward, IT functionality can progress into the future while still providing benefits right now.

That means when new options and features become available for the app, the admins duty is to know the possibilities and explain the potential to department leads. When there is an obvious technical bottleneck that will soon cripple the capabilities of the application, such as a sudden boost in traffic pushing the available data transfer volume to its limit, it is up to the admin to communicate with the company liaison that there aren't enough resources for the app to do its job.


Comprehensive App Management

The end goal of the Apps Admin is to create a working environment where the application plugs in seamlessly to the workflow in a secure yet accessible manner. If your company is looking at integrating new applications into your toolkit, the help of a certified Google Apps for Work administration team will reduce the time to implementation and improve your satisfaction with your apps' performance.