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3 Ways Cloud Computing is Transforming Manufacturing

cloud-changing-manufacturingWithout a doubt, cloud computing has revolutionized the call center experience. However, Google didn't stop there. Google for Manufacturing is well on its way to revolutionizing those processes, too. Many companies have made use of cloud technology as it pertains to sales and other business applications, but if your business is building things, Google has even more to offer you.

Analytics and knowledge management

When you create products made to order for your customers, cloud-based platforms are efficient methods of capturing the knowledge and managing the rules engines your processes demand. Mobility support is critical to the success of your business models. The power of knowledge follows you into your car, onto the plane, and back to your office. Individuals and teams can perform reliable analyses with extended capabilities thanks to Google solutions.

Accelerated product development

Collaboration and communication are vital elements of product design. Google for Manufacturing takes into account the specific needs of product developers. Cloud-based platforms burst the restraints on time-to-market by accommodating collaboration early in the design process. Manufacturers can now enable their employees to collaborate on design documents in real time in the same office or the other side of the country.

Marketing Automation Applications

A stellar product is not enough to ensure business success. To get your product out in the world, you also need a successful marketing campaign. Many manufacturers are leaning on Google for Manufacturing to help them manage marketing. Google apps can help you align production to strategy to ensure that you meet deadlines and promises. Google Apps for Work and Google Drive will help you track seasonal spikes, promotions, and franchise use of your products. Google for Manufacturing helps manage your product data from concept to sale so that you can focus on running your business

Manufacturers are discovering for themselves how many ways Google for Manufacturing can transform production and boost their profits. Google apps can help you align production to strategy to ensure that you meet deadlines and keep promises. The Google suite of technologies for manufacturers provides applications to help improve the productivity of your employees, stores critical data efficiently and lets you query that information quickly. More importantly, you don't have to worry about outdated technology as Google is constantly developing new applications.

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