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4 Reasons to attend Professional Apps Admin Courses

Coolhead Tech and other local tech professionals are getting together this summer and expanding skills and knowledge in 8 Google Apps topic areas focusing on users, groups, organizations, calendar, email, services, mobile, and security. We're offering this technical course specifically for Apps Admins that have responsibility for a Google Apps domain with a minimum of 50 users.

1. Learn Key Enterprise Skills to better manage Google Apps.

We all know Google is constantly adding to and improving Google Apps. They've certainly listened to Admins like us and have been investing heavily in Admin management through Control Panel improvements and API extensions. Our course follows the outline of Google's new Administrator Certification and will help you do more for your Google Apps users, domain and company.

2. The Apps Admin Course will be led by Brian Gray

Brian Gray, Technology Director at St. Stephen's Episcopal School in West Austin will be teaching the course. Brian has done a lot of work within Google Apps, and he’s an expert on the benefits that Admins can bring to organizations. Here's our blog post on Brian.

3. Meet other Local Admins managing 50+ users.

Many of you have asked about building a local Google Apps technical community here in Austin. As Google expands the administrative capabilities and formalizes the technical proficiencies of an Apps Admin this course is a great opportunity to meet other local professionals.

4. Get free support back at the office.

Student interns taking the course need 40 hours of practical experience with Google Apps. We can pair a student with your company to help implement your new project, end user support or other Google Apps task. You can also sponsor a student intern in lieu of sending someone from your office!

If you're a current Google Apps customer of ours the exam fee of $100 is waived. Total cost for the course, exam fee and intern help is $1098.

The class begins on June 10, please let me know as soon as possible if you'd like me to reserve your company a spot.