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4 Reasons why Everyone in the Office is Getting a  Chromebook For Prime Day

merry-july-chromebook.jpgDeep in the heart of Texas it's the dog days of summer but Apps Admins are dreaming of Christmas in July with Oprah style end of year Chrome device deployments.  You get a Chromebook, you get a Chromebit, Chrome devices for everyone in the office!  Here are four reasons to consider Chrome devices for fall and end of year deployments.


Why the Chromebook?

That question comes to mind. Why the Chromebook? Why now?   Really as an Apps Admin there are two things most appealing to me:  Android Apps and Chrome Device Management.

Android Apps on Chromebooks are a game changer.   Users get a unified experience and wide variety of off the shelf and custom applications.  For the Microsoft lovers the android versions of Outlook and office are as fluid and functional as you'd expect - looking great in big screen format.

Chrome Device Management is a game changer for IT departments.  Rapid Deployment, repurposing, command and control, the granular settings available to you as a Google Cloud Apps Administrator is astounding.   Over 200 device controls and counting.  Your corporate data and devices are secure in the Google Cloud, easily and affordably.


1.  Chromebooks are Affordable

Simply put, the Chromebook is rather inexpensive and affordable nowadays. The Chromebook is a very useful laptop that runs on Google's Google Chrome OS. These machines are sold as low as $149, which is a great value for such a useful laptop. For the great value of these laptops, it's no wonder why they're a very popular gift choice.


2.  Chromebooks Run Android Apps with Touch and keyboard.

Chrome devices can also run Android applications such as games, work apps, office 365, you name it. In addition to the Chromebook's incredibly affordable price, some Chromebooks offer touch capability at said low price. Without the ability to touch your screen and things register, how would you be able to run your Android applications at the way they were intended to be used?   With all of these bells and whistles mentioned, one particular Chromebook comes to mind, and that is the Lenovo N22 Touch.


3.  The Lenovo N23 YOGA:

Back in June, we awarded the Lenovo N23 YOGA our Chromebook of the week award and with good reason.   The N23 sports a fast MediaTek processor, 4GB of RAM and runs Android Apps on Chrome OS with ease.

The YOGA version of the N23 Chromebook provides a durable 360 degree hinge for multi-use form factors and a multi-point touch screen.   It's a perfect go to business or education device.

The underlying ARM technology was noted in several different articles and reviews for not only its speed and stability but also the potential it offers for greater access to the Android platform.Here are the specs of the machine, for those who are interested:

  • Product Type:   2 in 1 Chromebook
  • Processor Manufacturer:   MediaTek
  • Processor Model:   M8173C
  • Standard Memory:   4 GB
  • Memory Technology:   LPDDR4
  • Flash Memory Capacity:   32 GB
  • Screen Size:   11.6"
  • Display Screen Type:   LCD
  • Display Screen Technology:   In-plane Switching (IPS) Technology
  • Screen Resolution:   1366 x 768
  • Touchscreen:   Yes


4.  The Asus Chromebook Flip:

If you looking to spend slightly more, you may want to look into the Asus Chromebook Flip. While similar to the Lenovo N23, the Asus Chromebook Flip not only comes with Android App compatibility, touch screen capability and an affordable price, but it also comes with the ability to turn into (or "flip") into a tablet. A Chromebook with the ability to flip into a tablet not only makes a great on the go tool, but makes for an excellent gift for a friend or student who is always on the go. Starting at $249.99, this machine packs some decent specs:

  • The Processor - A powerful Rockchip Quad-Core RK3288C Processor
  • The Operating System - featuring Google's operating system, the Chrome OS
  • Memory or RAM - A stick of LPDDR3 Mega hertz SD RAM, OnBoard Memory 2 GB, with the possibility of upgrading to 4GB,
  • Display Panel - 10.1 inch 16:10 aspect ratio, (Resolution: 1280 x 800)
  • Graphics - An Integrated Rockchip Mali T764 chip for graphics
  • Hard drive Storage - 16GB eMMC for storage
  • Card Reader - Micro SD, SDXC, SDHC
  • Camera - An HD Web Camera
  • Networking - Integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wi-fi, and with Built in Bluetooth version 4.0
  • I/O Ports - 1 COMBO audio jack, USB 2.0 ports, micro HDMI, micro SD card
  • Audio - Built-in 2 Speakers and Digital Microphone
  • Battery - 2 Cells 31 Whrs, with up to 9 hours of battery life.
  • Dimensions - 10.3 inches x 7.2 inches x 0.6 inches.
  • Weight - 0.89 kg or 2 lbs.


It's time to choose.

A Chromebook will always make for an excellent gift for the office!    They are truly a useful laptop and are incredibly affordable. Here at Coolhead Tech, we will always be around to provide excellent and professional information and advice to topics on Chromebooks, G Suite, Google Cloud Platform and anything in between. Please check out the rest of our blog at Coolhead Tech and shop for Chromebooks at our Apps Admin Shop.