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4 Ways Manufacturers are benefiting from Google for Work


Manufacturers may find significant improvements in their bottom line if they look into the advantages of Google for manufacturing. If you're looking for a cost effective suite of programs that offers the following four advantages for manufacturers like you, consider adopting Google for Work Apps at your company:

  1. Google For Work Helps You put new products out there faster:

    Using Google Apps for Work, you'll probably find that new ideas at your company take off faster than ever. That's because Google for Manufacturing makes collaboration between different individuals and departments at your company easier. Google Drive simplifies sharing files like CAD designs, research data, KPIs and other documents that are important in the product development process. With the touch of a button, your employees will be able to share valuable feedback regarding new ideas and send that feedback to many recipients at once. Google Apps puts your employees in touch like never before, and this will fuel excitement and motivation when new products are in the works. 
  2. Make it more simple to sell:

    Your sales department is likely to be out and about meeting with clients, partners and dealers. Yet you know how important collaboration is when it comes to hitting all the right sales targets and sharing feedback regarding dealer and customer response to a new item. You can share information about pricing, product configuration models, and promotions easily and immediately with Google Drive. You can also organize conferences and meetings with sales staff working remotely with Google Hangouts. Your employees are likely to already be familiar with popular Google apps like Hangouts, so you don't have to put extra time in to training. Google Calendar is one of the best Google tools for communicating and scheduling with far flung sales staff because it allows you to set up events that all of your employees can see and be notified of immediately.

  3. Enjoy the accessibility advantages of the Google Cloud:

    With Google Apps, you don't need to worry about hard drive space or getting to the office to access files. Because Google Apps run on the cloud, they can be accessed anywhere, from any device that's connected to the Internet. This means that you can work when you're traveling. You can also carry out training for your employees remotely. Google Drive and Google Sites can be used in training efforts and to inform your employees about what's going on at your company by storing marketing campaign, promotion, and product launch information and embedding this information in Google Sites. You can conduct live training classes remotely using Hangouts, or you can record training videos and make them available on Google Drive so that your employees can watch them at their convenience.   

  4. Manufacturers Work Better Together with Google for Work

    Google Apps for Work do more than simply help get the job done. With Google for Manufacturing, you can create social hubs for your workers that will encourage and facilitate teamwork. Google+ social communities are perfect for generating a real sense of community at your workplace. This increases employee satisfaction, and you might notice that it increases your employee retention rates over time.