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5 Leading Manufacturers using Google Apps


As Google for Work Apps continue to prove their usefulness and cost-effectiveness, more and more companies from various industries are making the switch.

Google's suite of work applications helps manufacturing companies to encourage collaboration that facilitates innovation and makes it easier than ever to bring new products to market. These applications are especially helpful for large manufacturing companies that already have a round-the-word reach and need to work together on a massive scale to accommodate diverse and far-flung markets.

The following are five manufacturing giants already enjoying these Google Apps for Business advantages:

  1. 1. Hamilton Beach Switches from Lotus to Google

  2. This company manufactures both household and commercial appliances. With over 500 employees, Hamilton Beach needs a solution that will draw together employees working in multiple time zones. The company had previously been using Lotus Notes/Domino messaging and collaboration system but switched over to Google Apps to facilitate communication among global employees. With Google for manufacturing, Hamilton Beach was able to integrate data flow and save thousands of dollars every year on software and IT maintenance costs. 
  3. 2. Shaw Industries Drives Collaboration with Google Docs

  4. A carpet manufacturer that has been around since 1946, Shaw Industries made the switch to Google for manufacturing business apps in 2012. Shaw Industries used a pilot program to test out Google's suite of applications and prove that it would be effective at allowing global employees the tools they needed to collaborate and work together while meeting the company's information security requirements. Shaw Industries had previously been using Microsoft Office but found this suite of programs to be lacking when it came to the global company's collaboration needs. 
  5. 3. Pratt Industries Saves Costs while Improving Collaboration with Google Apps

  6. Pratt Industries is an important name in the world of recycled paper packaging. This is a company that's headquartered in Georgia but has 70 locations around the United States. Pratt Industries also collaborates with its sister company Visy, which is located in Australia. Pratt Industries had previously been using a costly in-house email system that was beginning to fail in late 2009. After some quick thinking, Pratt migrated to the cloud to improve collaboration and interaction between employees, customers, and contractors.  
  7. 4. Yeti Coolers Scales Operations with Innovation

  8. Yeti Coolers is a young company that got its start in 2005. This manufacturer of super-insulated ice chests switched to Google Apps to accommodate company growth after Yeti had originally been running from a single Gmail account. The company's CFO decided to take things a step up and get a professional solution for email communications that would use yeti coolers.com. Nowadays, the Yeti team uses Google Apps for Work not only for email, but also for scheduling. Google Calendar is used to schedule meetings and to track exterior activities. Although Yeti is still a relatively small company with most employees working from Austin, Texas, its National Sales Director works from North Carolina and Google Docs allows for collaboration between these two locations. 
  9. 5. Duralee Outlook Changes with Gmail for Work

  10. This company is in the fabrics industry and works with interior designers located all over the world, showcasing its products in dozens of corporate and designer showrooms found in locations that are dispersed around the globe. Durable's CIO Bill Kelly readily recognized that the company's messaging infrastructure was out of date. While Kelly first considered using Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, he was concerned that this would be too much for the company's small IT staff of only five to handle. Google Apps was chosen so that Duralee wouldn't have to service its own mail servers. In the end, opting for Google for Manufacturing apps saved between 50 to 85% over using the company's old system or moving to Microsoft Exchange. 



You do not have to be a Manufacturing Giant to enjoy the benefits for Google for Work Apps. Learn how these applications can be scaled and tailor-fitted to suit your company's need.  Get in contact with us today!