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5 Reasons to Pay for Google Apps

Google has always been known for providing its users with tons of cool and unique features; these features are what keep people coming back and what keeps Google business apps as popular as they are. Some features truly are better than others, standing out like a beacon shining in the night. These 5 Google Apps for Business features make the switch from Exchange or even free Gmail accounts well worth the $50 yearly subscription.

Mailing Lists and Group Sharing

Google business apps were, as the name implies, created for small and large business, along with self employed individuals. These apps were designed to make it easier for these people to execute business related tasks and keep themselves organized. Staying organized is crucial to running a successful business, as is the ability to quickly and easily send out information to tons of people at once. With the list functionality in these business apps, users can create a mailing list compromised of specific people, and send out mass marketing type messages. Another cool related feature? The ability to easily share content and documents with groups, similar to a mailing list. 

Resource Scheduling in Google Calendar

The calendar app by Google is unlike any other Google business app. Not only can you schedule things from your personal life on this online interactive calendar, you can also amp things up a bit and use this app as a quintessential business tool. Something we find cool is the resource sharing ability. You can go through your groups or contacts on apps and invite them to events that you create on your calendar, and you can even auto accept people based on their own unique schedules. 

Disabling Ads in Gmail

Ads are annoying, this is a plain and simple fact that everyone is aware of. However, even Google runs ads to keep their sites and servers funded for the masses to use. A cool Google business apps feature that you can implement right in your Gmail inbox is the ability to shield those annoying ads from your eyes. The process is simple, quick and easy and will save so much hassle. After all, who really wants to see ads if they don't have to?

Access to Email, Calendar and IM on Mobile Devices

Technology started on huge machines and is now moving more and more towards a much smaller model; the Smartphone. Mobile users often get frustrated when a favorite site of theirs doesn't have tools that make viewing it on a phone easier. With Google business apps, you don't have to worry about a thing, whether you're on a laptop or cell phone. Not only can you access the website on your device, you can also access your email, calendar and even instant messenger with the use of special apps and tools.

Inter-operability with Microsoft Outlook Tools

A special Google business apps tool that lets you use Microsoft Outlook is called Google App Sync, which allows you to use plenty different Outlook versions right on your Google apps dashboard area. Everything from the email and calendar to the popular Outlook email is compatible with Google Apps. This shows great potential, since many people you run across prefer the interface of Outlook over Google. 

While Google has a ton of awesome business apps, these are some of the best out there. From the ability to quickly and easily share content, to disabling ads or being able to schedule in appointments seamlessly, these apps are true winners. Google business apps; changing business both small and large for the better each and every day.