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5 Simple Reasons to love Gmail for Business

gmail-on-mobile-deviceAs a business owner you have a responsibility to run your business and you have to be smart about running it to be successful. How you go about running it successfully is by taking advantage of smart cloud based tools in management, marketing, and accounting. Gmail for Business is one of those smart cloud based tools you may want to use for the effective management of your business. Gmail for Business is a secure cloud based email solution for 21st century businesses--a tool literally trusted today by over 5 million businesses--including small to medium-sized businesses, C-level executives, CEOs, CFOs as well as IT/email managers and administrative assistants.

Gmail for Business offers 30 GB of cloud storage per user. It is equipped with a powerful spam filtering system, a Blackberry and Outlook interoperability, and a 99.9% uptime SLA. This means with Gmail you will have tons of storage to manage your business functions and will never run out of space. The tool will be available to you anywhere, and on any device. You will have access to your email, calendar, and documents on your computer or Smartphone no matter where you are which offers you the flexibility to function no matter where you find yourself. 

There is a common saying about Gmail for Business that, "it is more than email". There is truth to that because of what Gmail offers you as a business professional. And one can articulate more succinctly 5 simple reasons why you can trust Gmail for Business as the tool you want to grow your business with:

Email, IM, voice and video chat: 

Gmail is designed to make you more productive--quite a versatile tool that is, for it is more than just email, also quite efficient with instant messaging (IM), voice and video chat functionalities. Its basic 30 GB cloud storage functionality (which is 50 times the industry average) is shared across Google business apps. You have the option to purchase more storage space if you need to which means you never have to delete anything.


Anytime, anywhere access to your email:

 Gmail for Business is a cloud based tool you can work with anytime, anywhere, and have complete access to your email. Gmail is securely powered by the web, so you can be productive from your desk, on the road, at home and on your mobile phone, even when you are offline. Gmail works on any computer or mobile device with a data connection and offline support that lets you keep working even when you are disconnected.

Sync with Android, iPhone & even BlackBerry:

 Gmail has the technological capacity to sync with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices which gives you access to the benefits of Apps on leading mobile platforms. In other words, when you sync your Google services to your desktop programs, phone, and tablet, you can always access what is important to your business. The Gmail app is the recommended way you can instantly receive your email on your iPhone or iPad. The app literally brings you the best of Gmail with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search across your entire inbox.

hangout-chats-in-gmailSearch and find emails instantly: 

Gmail for Business powerful search lets you find everything, and its labels and filters help you stay organized. Isn't that cool enough? To search and find emails instantly? Well, with Gmail for Business you spend less time organizing email and find emails quickly with Google-powered search for your inbox. You find exactly what you are looking for by searching across all your email, labels, and documents right from your inbox with fast search powered by Google's search engine.


Get less spam:

The powerful Gmail spam filtering helps you stay focused on what's important. All these becomes possible because Gmail is designed for security and reliability with features like simultaneous replicated storage for your email, spam filtering and sender authentication (a two-step authentication functionality), attachment viewing in the browser, encrypted connections to Google's servers, and built-in disaster recovery. In essence, your data belongs to you, and Apps tools enable you to control it, including who you share it with and how you share it.

Having covered these simple reasons why Gmail of Business is for you simply speaks to the fact that mobility is critical in any business, so it is important for you to find a solution that enables access from any device, anywhere, for you to keep on working and be productive. For your business, this means every employee and everyone you work with--partners, vendors, anyone can collaborate effortlessly across teams, companies, locations and you an be productive from anywhere using any device with an internet connection with reliable and dependable support and interactivity you get from Google business apps and compatibility with other cloud based platforms.