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5 Things to Know About Google's Invoiced Billing Accounts for G Suite Business

5-things-to-know-about-g-suite-invoicesMost G Suite Business customers are on Google Cloud's monthly Credit card payment plan.  Others still choose to pre-pay for a year.   Apps Admins who prefer to have more control over the payment process and not provide a personal credit card do have an option.   Invoiced Billing Accounts are offered for G Suite by Google and Google Cloud Partners.

Here is a brief overview of G Suite Invoiced Billing option and how it works.   If you're currently in a "credit card on file" G Suite account and want to start getting invoiced you can use Coolhead's "Switch to a Google Reseller" option and choose invoiced billing.


About Invoiced Billing Accounts for G Suite.

  1. Qualifications: to qualify for invoiced billing your company has to have at least 50 (or more) employees to potentially qualify for the service. To check on the availability of this payment option contact G Suite support for more information.

  2. About Invoices: invoices are sent on the first of the month and are billed for the previous month's services. Under the other G Suite Pricing options payments are automatically made and billed from an associated bank account or credit card, however, when receiving invoices billing is not automatic. Payment must be manually submitted for the amount due. To learn more about what information is listed on an invoice click here.

  3. Payment Methods: credit cards are not required and payment can be submitted via check or a wire transfer from your bank. When making payments be certain to include the invoice number the payment should be applied to. Within five days (to allow for processing time) you can verify payment was received via your admin console.

  4. How To Receive Invoices: you can have invoices sent by email or traditional mail if you want a paper copy. Be sure to keep your contact information current and you can change delivery options from the admin console. Note that if you are a European Union customer and your account is a non-business individual account you will have to manually download invoices from your admin console and will not receive them automatically.

  5. Reviewing Information: your admin console has extensive invoice records. You can view and print past invoices, review past payments, and check on the status of any current payments made that are pending.

Final Thoughts

As the above shows, invoice pricing is a useful G Suite Pricing option to consider making use of. G Suite invoices are quite similar to existing company accounts your business may already have. There are several reasons you may prefer invoice pricing as your payment method.

Many businesses prefer to manually pay for their business accounts and services. This allows for a more hands-on approach to managing company expenses, tracking exact figures, keeping detailed payment records, and modifying existing services as company need arises. It also helps avoid situations were automatic payments or ignored or missed as can be the case in many larger companies.