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5 Ways An Apps Admin Can Help Marketers

apps-admins-for-marketing.jpgRunning the Marketing Department is like seeing dreams meet reality, yet as much as you love it, you seem to always have your hands full. Between meetings, creating sales goals, and conjuring up new marketing strategies, you crave as much free time as you can get. With every passion comes hard work, but you shouldn't have to go about everything alone.

Do you find managing the applications for your business time-consuming? Wouldn't it be great if you had someone who could take charge of updating your marketing apps and resolving any errors that might occur? Wouldn't it provide you with more free-time if someone could run your CRM, ERP, and even manage your email? Then hiring a marketing apps admin will make your job easier! An applications administrator is someone who will support all systems and applications your company relies on. Many responsibilities are upheld by an apps admin, making them a true asset to your business. Check them out!  


1.) Apps Admins can help you with everything Tech

Having a numerous amount of apps and devices to maintain gets so overwhelming, sometimes issues get overlooked or some aspects are forgotten about. With assistance from an apps admin, no application will go untouched! They will have full access to all your applications, allowing them to troubleshoot and resolve any reported problems, fine tune performances, and engage in daily monitoring and maintenance activities to keep everything running smoothly. 


2.) Apps Admins Can Protect the Privacy of Your Contacts.

Securing your business contacts is a must. Lucky for you, having an administrator amplifies contact protection. Being responsible for messages and emails, your human resources applications, accounts payable and receivable, these people have the skills to prevent any important information from being lost as they are masters in disaster recovery and are up to date on ways to ensure proper program support. 


3.) Apps Admins can Help Protect Your Brand.

Recruiting a tech-savvy person from this field not only gives you the perks of making sure no app gets overlooked or that your contacts are lost, but they also assist in keeping your brand at the top of its game. They lead and participate in updates such as new releases as well as help to modify products along with internal systems to meet clients' needs. They know how to cooperate with vendor support, develop work plans, and keep track of assigned projects and tasks.   


4.) Apps Admins Offer Integration Optimization for Marketing Apps.

Being able to move forward with technology, yet assure your applications can successfully brave the future is an important achievement. With an admin by your side, tests are ran to verify new programs, services, upgrades, and any changes in order to ensure applications will work correctly in future environments. They even collaborate with various technical teams to establish proper integration.


5.) Apps Admins Can Assist in Site/Search Engine Optimization.

If you constantly find yourself creating links and keywords to lead customers to your site, you can step back and take a break. Aside from the basic tagging, an application administrator can go more in-depth to ensure your site and SEO bring you higher up in the search engine. They set up meta-data, or meta-tags, which are text pieces in the header of your webpage which tells the search engine about your site, such as copyright and description. An apps admin could also assist in setting up a site map which makes your content easier to find and overall increases your ranking in the search engine.



Now that you acknowledge the responsibilities an application administrator can uphold, why continue to do the work on your own? Here at Coolhead Tech, we can provide you with the assistance you need in managing your marketing apps. Let's get started today!