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6 Security & Compliance features in Google Apps

google-for-work-security-1.jpgAs a pioneer of cloud computing services, Google understands the importance of security when the cloud is used for business applications. Google has devoted an enormous amount of effort to enhancing and building upon the security features of Google Apps when used in the Google for Work model so that they can be trusted by business owners for the storage of company information. 

Google employs a security team of over 500 professionals who are devoted to network security and perfecting the security infrastructure of their apps program. This security team works with a wide variety of tools like quality assurance measures and penetration tests to develop mechanisms that ensure the safety of customer data. 


The following are some of the security features that Google's security team has developed for Google Apps for Work:  


  • Protection Against Malware

Protective features that help staff members use Google Apps for Work without compromising company data include Google's Safe Browsing technology. This technology will examine URLs and notify app users of potential malware threats before users access suspicious websites. Antivirus signatures are used in Google Apps for Work, and free tools like VirusTotal are available to Google Apps users to offer even more security against malware. 


  • Google's Data Center Security

Google's data centers are designed with security in mind. Data center features are constructed around a layered security model. Among the security features of Google's data centers are electronic access cards, perimeter fencing, and biometrics access control. Intruders are kept out of data centers thanks to high resolution surveillance cameras on both the inside and outside of the facility and laser beam intrusion detection systems. 
  • Data Security in Transit

Online data is most likely to be accessed without authorization when it is in transit. Google understands the importance of securing data when it is in this vulnerable state, and thus uses HTTPS/TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. Google's RSA certificates offer 2048-bit keys that strengthen greatly security for Google Apps for Work data in transit.

  • Vulnerability management efforts

The vulnerability management process that is used by Google to maximize security in Google Apps for Work seeks out potential security threats and creates solutions. External audits involving automated or manual penetration efforts test solutions. As part of vulnerability management at Google, Google service users can submit their own reports regarding security issues

  • Certified security & Compliance

Business owners using Google Apps for Work don't have to rely only on Google's assurances that data is secure. A variety of different third-party certifications attest to the security of data stored and accessed with Google's cloud applications. Audits are regularly conducted of Google's security features to verify compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2, and SOC 3 standards. In addition, Google's Apps for Work meets standards set for the by the U.S. Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014. 


  • Administration of Data Access

Google Apps for Work feature administrator roles that allow businesses using the apps to limit access according to a user's position within the company. Business owners can monitor internal access of data within their organization and set their own policies regarding data access. To limit access within Google itself and protect customer data, the number of Google employees that have access to customer data stored in Google for Work apps is minimized. 



This list of features is not absolutely comprehensive or technical. It does, however, show how Google handles the issue of security with the utmost gravity and concern. When using Google, you can rest assured your information is safe and secure.