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6 things to do the day before your company moves to Google Apps

things-to-do-before-going-googleMoving to Google Apps requires some time for the Name servers to propagate the presence of the new domain on the name space. This global service can take up to two days, which is why most companies moving to Google Apps opt to make the migration over the weekend to allow for this change to happen. In the meantime, one does not  have to wait for functionality, they can log in and customize the environment to their liking; it will make the Monday morning experience more palatable and enjoyable.

1. Upload your Picture in Gmail

Adding a picture to a profile after moving to Google Apps is a good way of increasing account ownership and credibility. 

2. Create a Signature

Normally, after moving to Google Apps, there is a default signature when using a mobile device. A signature is the text that appears below the email body every time an email is composed. To change it, a click on the gear button in the top right corner reveals a settings button, which will open the settings interface. A quick Scroll down will reveal the signature edit box, where one should enter their official sign-off and alternative contact information, and sometimes some default company information and useful links for for all recipients to see. Including multiple links may get the email spammed, so it is always a good idea to keep the information short and concise.

3. Set Up Chat

Chat is integrated on the Gmail interface on the lower left corner.  It has the capability for making video and voice conversations with other people on a supported interface. There are a few settings that should be made before initiating the service for use on Monday.

·      On the settings menu, allow chat history; its always good to maintain history

·      Select the setting which restricts the contacts with whom one can chat with

·      Define the default status of  chat availability; active, inactive or off-line

These two settings will ensure that all official communication remains reference-able, and few if none casual chat sessions are initiated by limiting the number of contacts allowed for communication.

4. Use Lab Features

There are countless other functions one can activate; Labs add different levels of functionality for Gmail, and there are many picks: from composition assistants to Layout arrangements. These are a great way of customizing the Gmail environment to something more familiar or fancier in terms of extended functionality.

5.Use Gmail Off-line

Using a personal computer or an exclusive profile on a non-public computer, one can enable off-line access for Gmail. This is a caching service that stores copies of accessed emails from Gmail on the the computer. This normally adds value to the process of accessing the emails for review when an Internet connection is unavailable.

6. Change the Appearance

The white, plain interface does not have to hold. Using the gear icon, one can browse through a wide selection of themes that would better suit their personality or desired working environment. A personalized work ambiance is recommended for personal conditioning so as to increase the micro-factors that affect enhanced performance after the move.