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Advantages to using Google Apps Sync with Outlook


If you are one of the millions of users who are accustomed to using Microsoft’s Outlook, you’re aware of how challenging it often is to add accounts and use all the offered features. At the same time, you probably have chosen to use one or more of the many Google apps that offer so much flexibility, including full use of the cloud. If you want to take advantage of more Google Apps it’s time for you to try out Google Apps Sync with Outlook.

Great for Old Dogs and New Users Alike

One of the great advantages of Google Apps Sync, also called GASMO is the ease of installation and use. If you are running any version of Microsoft Outlook® 2003 to 2013, you can install this plug-in with a simple download.

Taking this step allows you to continue using your preferred interface for email, contacts, calendar and notes while achieving:

  • Real cost savings
  • Enhanced security
  • Proven reliability

These and other advantages come with the many products available in the Google for Work portfolio; all designed specifically to make you more productive and efficient.

To take full advantage of these powerful apps you are provided the option to choose migration of your Outlook data including mail, contacts, tasks, calendar, contacts, and other profile information. In fact, some users simply choose to use another product, Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook® to move their information and adopt a full Google working environment.

You Choose Your Style of Working

Once you have installed and utilized Google Apps Sync with Outlook, you can work seamlessly with your existing Outlook tasks and notes while also managing your Google Apps Calendar, contacts and of course e-mail. This capability allows you to work with your Google profile while effortlessly accessing apps and data stored in the Cloud. These capabilities give you total freedom, allowing you to work anytime and anywhere from any compatible device.

There are a few types of Outlook data that are not compatible with Google Apps, including distribution lists, journal entries, and a few others. While these are still available to you in Outlook, you may prefer the equivalent features found in Google Apps. There is a feature compatibility chart you can use to see you your particular work style is affected by any transition and which features fully sync.

It is also worth noting that the Google Apps Sync is intended for a one-time synchronization of the existing Outlook data and profile. If you or your employees need a continuous synchronization for a new email, an administrator can set up duel delivery with the Exchange Server.

Once you have used Google Apps Sync your data is protected by the powerful Google SLA. While non-Google apps and services are not covered by this protection, you can choose to fully transition at any time.

If you are ready to gain the savings, flexibility of the Cloud, and comfort of using the Outlook interface you can have your cake and eat it too by using Google Apps Sync with Outlook.