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An Overview of Google Apps for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare providers have unique needs when it comes to data and communication. In order to provide quality health care, patient records must be accurate, complete, and readily available. Collaboration between health professionals is critical. Real-time communication across employee groups ensures the best patient care possible. Google Apps for Work and Google Drive for work make this possible. Beyond that, Google productivity tools are HIPAA compliant.

Google Apps Data Security

Google Apps for healthcare companies leave data ownership to you, the provider. With a 99.9 percent uptime service level agreement, Google offers healthcare agencies almost immediate access to critical data, whether its across the office or across the country. When it comes to security, Google Drive for Work holds some of the highest certifications available. Files uploaded to Google Drive, uploaded from desktop to mobile device, or in transit between Google data centers are always encrypted to ensure the highest level of protection. All of this means greater peace of mind for the patient. 

HIPAA Compliance in Google Apps

Healthcare organizations understand that personal patient information is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Google understands that as well. Organizations regulated by HIPAA must sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Google.  Regulatory compliance depends upon eDiscovery tools and auditing capabilities in Google Drive for Work. Google Apps for healthcare companies allow you to audit and report across domains to manage share settings. Your organization can maintain a centralized repository of patient data, limiting access to the appropriate staff members.

Collaboration and Training in Healthcare

Google understands that healthcare professionals are not IT specialists. With user-friendly cloud technology, they don't have to be. Video chat accommodates collaboration between physicians from anywhere in the country. It also opens the door to and effective method of communication between doctors and patients. You can improve clinical operations by sharing digital copies of x-rays and CT scans on multiple devices. Develop a patient plan across disciplines and caregivers. Providing training to staff members has never been easier. Create training materials and store them in Drive. Then conduct virtual classes in Hangouts. Host your organization's intranet on Google Sites. 


The Healthcare industry has gone Google. The real question is when will you?