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Our summer intern program is off to a great start as students continue training this week. The internship program trains high school seniors and college students in Google Apps Administration, aiming to give them experience working with local businesses and an opportunity for certification in the Fall.

Brendan Traynor is a junior at St. Edward’s University and the Executive Administrative Assistant at Coolhead Tech. His work here so far has given him experience with team coordination and business/project management, which he hopes to use to lobby for nonprofits. He also appreciates the many perks of working for a tech startup. "I love learning how to effectively use technology with the Chromebook Yoga," said Brendan.

Ramon Alvarez, senior at UT Austin, is learning about business transformation this summer. "This will help me no matter what career I pursue," said Ramon, who is majoring in Biochemistry but also wants to learn about Google Apps Administration. "They have a ton of features which can make your life a lot easier."

Shrankhla Narya, graduate student at UT Austin, hopes to bring her passion of interaction design to Coolhead Tech. "As an interaction designer I usually focus on the use of the tools [like Google Apps]," Shrankhla said. "It's been fascinating to see what's behind them."

Wesley Strobel is a senior at St. Edward's who wants to pursue a career in international business. At school she learns about cultural studies and history. As an intern she's learned about business and the tools that make it possible. "It's way more than just Google Search," Wesley said.

Danny Arnold is a senior at UT majoring in Advertising. "I'm specializing in account management," Danny said. "So interning as sales support and learning all about Google Apps has been really interesting."


Abdel Hamid Abushamab, previously employed as an IT, is furthering his education with classes at ACC and a technology focused internship. "I'm hoping to get more involved with programming," Adbel said.


We're excited to spend the summer together!