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Backupify Cloud Backup Protects Salesforce.com, Google Apps Data

Does your business invest in regular backups?

More and more Central Texas businesses have important documents, server settings and other critical digital information stored in cloud applications such as Salesforce and Google Apps.

That's why Coolhead Tech's featured business apps partner for today is Backupify, a cloud backup and archiving service that protects your data with automated daily backups. More than 5,000 businesses depend on Backupify to protect their SaaS data from being deleted, lost or corrupted. Ensuring that you have a second copy of your vital business information will give you peace of mind so you can worry about running your business.

Backupify has a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets small businesses manage backups, add users, download accounts and find and restore data. Tech startups, large enterprises, and school systems are making Backupify the the most trusted SaaS backup in the world.

Does your business depend on Google Apps? If so, you should know that two-thirds of all data loss is caused by user error. Google will not lose your Apps data, but your users will. An independent backup system like Backupify protects you from data loss due to hacking, user error, malicious deletion, and other unforeseen problems.

All you have to do is install Backupify on your domain via the Google Apps Marketplace. The application will do the rest. Every night, Backupify will query the Google Apps API for your most recently added and updated files, duplicate that data to an encrypted archive in world-class Amazon ISO 27001 certified data centers, then make those independent copies available for one-click restoration or download. The process repeats every 24 hours to ensure comprehensive protection for all your Google Apps domain data.

Coolhead Tech can get you started on a free trial today. If you decide that Backupify is right for your business, you can pay a low rate per month for Google Apps and Salesforce.com or pay based on the amount of storage you use.