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Become the Coolhead Apps Admin of the Week


Are you a certified Google Apps Admin? Coolhead Tech is launching a new possibility for you to present yourself and your skills to the world. The Apps Admin of the Week section will feature interviews with certified professionals in the niche who have something interesting to share.

The Popularity of Google Apps Admin Services

The number of businesses using Google Apps to deal with everyday tasks is continously growing. Such cloud-based solutions provide the convenience and affordability traditional software products are missing.

This popularity boost has led to an exponential need for professional assistance. Google Apps admins have the technical skills and the knowledge to increase the usability of such applications and guarantee a smooth transition to this new technological option.

You have the perfect opportunity to market yourself and reach potential customers. Coolhead Tech is a company specializing in Google Apps for Work, administration, and the provision of training courses. Whether you have some experience or you're just getting started, the Apps Admin of the Week interview will help you establish your reputation.

Apps Admin of the Week

The interview will present your skills and your practical experience in the world of Google Apps Administration.

Take a look at the questions we will ask and use them as an opportunity for creating the perfect professional presentation. Have you completed the Google Apps Certification Program? If so, this opportunity is the perfect one for you.

The demand for properly trained and certified professionals will continue to grow in the future as Google Apps for Work rises as the key tools for work. The time is now to establish your marketing position, increase your popularity, and begin building a customer base.

If you want to become a Google Apps Admin but are lacking proper training, you can join the Coolhead Tech course and gain both the theoretical and real-life experience necessary for the position. Upon becoming a certified administrator, you may also benefit from being selected as the Apps Admin of the Week.

What does It Take to Become the Apps Admin of the Week?

The process of becoming our Apps Admin of the Week is easy and simple. To start, use our application form and answer some of the questions which will be used for the interview. We will ask you about your opinion on a range of issues like:

  • What is your favorite business app?
  • What type of improvements would you make to a Google App?
  • What was the last big case you had to deal with and how did you handle the situation?
  • What was the most awesome technical issue you had to deal with?
  • What kind of advice do you have for Google Apps users?
  • What advice would you offer to other Google Apps admins?

We will use the information you provide, as well as the information shared through your Google+ profile to create an interesting interview and a professional presentation that people will want to read. Just take your time to provide genuine and interesting answers entirely based on your work experience and Google Apps knowledge.