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5 Benefits of Switching to Google Apps for Work


Google Apps refers to cloud-based services from Google which provide your company or organization with a new way to work online. The Google Apps service offers more than the conventional email and chat; it provides social media, document collaboration, video conferencing and more.


Millions of users from all around the world are using Google Apps, due to its numerous benefits. If you haven’t made the switch to Google Apps, here are five reasons (benefits) why you should consider making the switch:


1) Proven Cost Savings from Switching to Google


Google’s Collaboration apps and web-based messaging services do not require you to install any hardware or software. The administration or management of these apps is also minimal and easy. Thus Google Apps offers tremendous cost and time-saving options for businesses.


In fact, research conducted by a leading research firm revealed that the cost of Google Apps was almost a 1/3 of the total cost of other competing solutions, given the fact that Google Apps has numerous cost saving options. For instance, when compared to other similar solutions, Apps offers almost 50 times more storage capacity. This solution also offers each of your employees 30 GB storage for email, which enables them to save important messages, and also to find them instantly when they need them using the built-in Google search feature.


2) Increased Productivity with Familiar Apps


Gmail (which is featured in Google Apps) is designed in such a way that enables your employees to quickly and conveniently manage their inboxes; they, therefore, spend more time being productive as opposed to wasting, this time, managing their emails. Gmail also has other time-saving features such as message labels; message threading, powerful spam filtering, and fast message search. These features allow work to be carried out efficiently even when employees are dealing with high volumes of email.

Also, you employees can be productive even when they are on the go with Google Apps features which support Mobile connectivity (over-the-air mobile access) on various mobile devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry devices, Android, Windows Mobile and more. For instance, you can schedule a meeting with your employees using calendar and follow up on a client’s request using Gmail. This is at no extra charge; hence, saving on costs while being productive.


With Google Apps synchronous replication, you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime (the availability of Google Apps is at least 99.9% of the time); this means increased productivity due to minimal system downtime. The Synchronous replication feature allows all of your data on Google Docs, Gmail and more to be simultaneously secured in multiple data centers. Therefore, when one data center “fails” to meet your demands, this task automatically falls back on another data center, so you do not experience any interruption of the service.


Research conducted by the Radicati Group discovered that the unplanned downtime experienced by Microsoft Exchange users was 60 minutes per month, while that of Google Apps users was less than 15 minutes per month.


3) Information security and compliance


The security of your company’s information is crucial to its continuity and even success, hence the need to entrust the security of this information to Google. Google has among its team, some of the world’s leading experts in information security; network and application security; and this team are always working to keep your information safe and secure. You can, therefore, rest assured that even the most highly sensitive corporate data is safe with this system.   


Some of the customizable security features companies can take advantage of with Google Apps include:

  • Mail Filtering Tools for Outbound Mail – these tools help prevent the unauthorized distribution of sensitive information.

  • Information Sharing Rules – these rules will determine the extent at which your employees can share information with Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Sites.

  • Mail Filtering Tools for Inbound mail and Spam – Google has powerful spam filters to prevent unwanted mail.

  • Secure passwords – Google has features that impose password length requirements, to help your employees pick secure passwords.

  • Optional email archiving – allows for up to 10 years of retention.
  • Full administrative and data control –allows you to customize Google Apps according to your business, branding or technical requirements.'

Download Google's White Paper on Security and Compliance to learn how companies are leveraging the Google suite of Cloud Applications and tools to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


4)  Helpful 24/7 Break/Fix Support


Even if Google Apps is easy to use and is a highly reliable service, Google understands that there are times you may need some help, hence providing its users with Helpful 24/7 customer support. Some of the support options offered include:

  • Email support
  • Phone support for critical issues
  • Self-service online support


5) Reliable Google for Work Partners Like Coolhead Tech.  ;-)


Google Apps has a deep network of reliable partners who offer services that can help your company grow and even become successful. Some of these services include system integration, data migration, custom application development, user training, and more.