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Chromebase - Video Conferencing & Telework get Real.

Acer Chromebase for video conferencing and telework

Today's work environment is no longer a stuffy office with cubicles, desks and a water cooler in the corner. Free-spirited individuals now call an exotic beach, the local coffee shop or even a remote cabin in the mountains their office. This allows for greater freedom, and more productivity as workers become happier, but until recently, it made connecting with others a bit more difficult. As more people started embracing this lifestyle, it became clear that a more efficient way to bring people together for collaboration was needed. Old video-conferencing platforms left something to be desired, were often expensive and came with both a learning curve and limitations. Chrome for Work came to the rescue.

Chrome For Meetings: Bringing People Together

Chromebox for Meetings was created to help make video-conferencing easier and much more personal. With a simple plug it in and get working style, meetings between everyone involved in a project could take place as easily as standing around the traditional water cooler. This face-to-face event eliminated the need for travel expenses and renting conference rooms. It allowed for quicker work and greater productivity by making it easy to share all the elements needed for clarification, whether that was charts, videos or simply talking. Chromebox works well with other video-conferencing venues and the learning curve has been eliminated. Chrome devices of any style are turned into virtual meeting rooms. The variety of apps available makes each user able to personalize the experience. People were happy, but Google knew they could do better so they again set to work and soon had yet another Chrome device to offer. Welcome Acer Chromebase.

Acer Chromebase: Video Conferencing for Work Just Got Better

Acer's Chromebase takes the video conference to a whole new level. This all-in-one was created specifically for video conferencing. It allows users the experience of a desktop with a touchscreen, yet the easy functionality of all Chrome devices.

The Acer Chromebase is outfitted with:

  • 23.88-inch 1080p touch display
  • four integrated microphones
  • two stereo speakers
  • an adjustable HD camera

As if this wasn't enough, administrative control has increased and the entire system of devices within your network can be monitored and maintained from one centralized location. There has also been added the ability to conference with up to twenty-five individuals at once, making the ability to share and collaborate even greater. It is not necessary for meeting participants to have a Google account in order to join a meeting. They can simply sign in as a guest and continue.

The ease of use allows for emergency meetings to take place without much planning. This enables workgroups to traverse the distances between several key players in a project in a matter of minutes, creating an environment that is more productive. Being able to circumvent issues quickly is one of the key components in a businesses success. While all Chrome devices makes this easier, the new Acer Chromebase 24 takes it to an even greater level.

Summing Up The Video Conference Market: Chrome Devices for Meetings make a difference

Chrome devices are fairly new and still being compared to the Microsoft platform. The truth is, there is no comparison. Microsoft has served its users for years, but it remains steady and often true to the traditional workplace. Chromebase doesn't seek to "fit" within the boundaries of the tried and true. It was designed with the new worker in mind. In essence, Chromebase was designed to allow freedom and fun, as well as productivity, to find its home within the modern work environment. Today's workers have better things to do than fuss with hard-to-learn equipment. They want something that can get things done now. With work accomplished quickly and efficiently, there is more time to enjoy the fruits of success.