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Here's The Difference Between G Suite Basic and G Suite Business

google-apps-for-work-premier-launcher.pngDeciding on the right G Suite Apps package for your business means understanding the differences between the available products. Google no longer offers the free version of Google Apps for Work to new clients, and neither can Google Cloud Partners. The options available for businesses today are G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business. Both are fully functioning productivity suites, but depending on the needs of your business you might need the extra functionality allowed through G Suite Business.


G Suite Apps  – On the Surface

We’re going to take a look at the key features of both, to help you determine which feature set is right for your company.



GSuite Basic

$5 per month

This is the premium version of G Suite Apps versus the consumer version of Gmail and sets the standard for email deliverability and management.  A perfect online solution for independent professionals, small and medium businesses and mid-size enterprises, depending on industry. This version includes phone and email support from Google, guaranted service levels, all of the core G Suite Apps, and work-anywhere access options.


GSuite Business

Includes GSuite Apps Vault and Unlimited Drive for Work cloud storage.  $10 per month, or $120 for 12 Months (per user)

GSuite Apps Unlimited offers all of the features from the Apps for Work edition with unlimited online storage shared across Gmail, Google Drive for Work and the other core business apps, additional audit reporting, and archiving & compliance features found in GSuite Apps Vault. These features are aimed at mid-size and growing enterprises, but are also suitable for smaller operations that require additional security and data redundancy such as medical, education, financial or regulatory organizations needing to meet compliance standards such as HIPPA.


GSuite Apps for Work – In Depth Comparison

Delving in deeper to the core GSuite Apps that make up the number one online office software suite.


Gmail – The Heart of GSuite Apps for Work

Email is a core feature of any productivity suite, and is the most utilized communications tool in business.

GSuite Apps Unlimited provides a clear advantage in that it offers unlimited Email and Instant Message storage, compared to 30GB of storage in the GSuite Apps for Work version. There is also added retention, search, and discovery offered through Google Vault.


All of the great Gmail Features are shared between versions, which include:

  • •  Unified Messaging including text, voice and video, screen sharing and VOIP (Voice over IP) Calls.gmail-for-work-icon

  • •  Advanced filtering and security including block and pass lists, retention policies, custom filtering, and Gmail Spam Protection.

  • •  Access from anywhere; Any PC, Mac, Browser or device including voice and video chat, mobile phone and tablet access, IMAP/POP support, and Microsoft Outlook compatibility.

  • •  The ability to import mail, calendar appointments and contacts from external webmail, Outlook, or Lotus Notes.

  • •  Advanced delivery options including gateway configuration, mail routing, and catch all functionality.


Google Drive for Work - The Workhorse of Online Storage. 

- 30 GB shared space between Gmail and Google Drive for Work
- Add Unlimited online storage with GSuite Apps Unlimited.


google-drive-for-work-iconIf Gmail is the heart of GSuite Apps for Work, then Google Drive is a Workhorse.  With Google Drive you can do more with your file than with products like Dropbox for business, Box and OneDrive.   Editing native Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, online presentations, photo editing, PDF signing, address mapping, video streaming, you name it, you can do it online with Google Drive for Work.  It's simply the most productive online storage solution available.



Key Features in GSuite Apps for Work Unlimited

  • •  Unlimited Online Storage  ( 5 user Minimum )  Popular
  • •  Advanced Apps Admin controls for Google Drive for Work  Popular
  • •  Audit and reporting insights for Drive content and sharing policies
  • •  Google Vault for eDiscovery of emails, chats and online files
  • •  Ability to archive and retain all emails sent and received by your company  Popular
  • •  Place and enforce litigation holds on inboxes


But Wait, There's More.  Additional Business Apps included with GSuite Apps for Work

When people think of GSuite Apps they think of Gmail and Google Drive but there's so many apps that complete the offering that it can sound like an infomercial with endless benefits and offers.   The Google suite of business apps allow users to complete daily tasks like email, IM, document creation, and calendar planning.  GSuite Apps Unlimited offers additional functionality with Google Vault by adding the ability to search archives, and securely store email and documents.

google-calendar-icon google-docs-icon google-hangouts-icon google-presentations-icon google-sheets-icon google-sites-icon google-apps-vault-icon
Google Calendar Google Docs Google Hangouts Google Presentations Google Spreadsheets Google Sites GSuite Apps Vault


More Business App Features shared by both versions of Google for Work

  • •  Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive and Hangouts.  Popular
  • •  Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations
  • •  Full Microsoft Office Compatibilty   Popular
  • •  Website Creation software (Google Sites)
  • •  Google Forms allowing for easy online data collection.
  • •  Value added services like Youtube and Blogger
  • •  Live collaboration with shared folders and documents.  Popular
  • •  Shared inboxes and online forums with Groups for Business.
  • •  Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android  Popular
  • •  Unlimited Extensibility through GSuite Apps Marketplace and APIs


Company Branding in GSuite Apps

Both versions of GSuite Apps for Work offer the ability to enhance your branding through a company domain name. Subscribers have options to add their address within google sites (@YOURWEBSITE.com), add custom email addresses, and keep multiple domains for email.  Companies can even add their logo within Gmail and Gmail signatures company wide.


Advanced Security for Businesses

GSuite Apps Unlimited and GSuite Apps for Work both offer industry leading security implementations. These include password monitoring, advanced two step verification, Single Sign On to prevent multiple sessions, SSL connection enforcement, and device management for mobile users.

Unlimited offers two key additional features for security. Drive auditing and reports, and additional admin controls. These allow businesses with strict internet security policies to take further control of their users and sensitive data.



GSuite Apps is renowned for its compatibility across devices and software. Both versions provide industry leading accessibility support.

  • GSuite Apps can be accessed from any web browser, and on any mobile phone or tablet. (Functionality may be reduced on legacy browsers and devices).

  • Offline mail and Document editors can be used to edit docs. (Sync with GSuite Apps for full functionality).

  • Gmail can be accessed by mail clients using IMAP and POP protocols, as well as Microsoft Outlook.  Popular

  • Unlimited extensibility with access to Google Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the Google for Work Marketplace.


Additional Admin and Company Controls are the key Benefit of GSuite Apps for Work Unlimited

Aside from the unlimited storage, Apps Unlimited comes with access to Google Vault. GSuite Apps Vault allows users to archive, search and export their emails and documents from a secure cloud storage system.

Vault is a critical feature for businesses who deal with legally sensitive documents, records, and communications. Vault allows administrators to run audits, as well as easily search across any user within their GSuite Apps Domain.

Vault is a standard feature of the GSuite Apps Unlimited package, but can also be added to existing GSuite Apps for Work users for an additional $5 per month.

GSuite Apps for Work is a powerful productivity tool for modern business users. GSuite Apps Unlimited brings all of the features of GSuite Apps, with additional GSuite Apps Vault functionality and administrative functions.


GSuite Apps Unlimited is perfect for larger organizations and enterprises, but even smaller operations may require the data redundancy offered by Google Vault.

Unlimited drive storage is also a key selling feature of GSuite Apps Unlimited, and may be the deciding point for many users who see a limitation in the 30GB offered by GSuite Apps for Work.