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Comparing Google Drive, Sync, and the Mobile App

comparing-google-drive-toolsAvoid the sinking feeling that happens when you realize the document you want is only available back home or on your computer at work. When your files are in Google Drive, you can reach them with any computer, Smartphone, or tablet. The days of sorting through bulky carry-along folders and hoping the most recent updates are included are over. What makes Google Drive, Google Drive Sync, and Google Drive Mobile Apps uncomplicated enough to be a success with people from all walks of life? It's the installation of Drive on tablets, Smartphones, laptops, and desktops that makes it easy to access the files that are safely kept in online file storage.

Accessibility of Google Drive

Web browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome let you and the groups or individuals you are collaborating with access the files stored on the Google Apps storage servers. Forget the inconvenience of using email attachments to share the latest draft of policy revisions with corporate HQs. Discuss the document with all concerned on the phone, since the suggested changes can be downloaded or viewed by anyone you've authorized to share your files and folders.

Design a folder for any category and add files, charts, and pictures. Drive has popular file formats to open items like images, spreadsheets, videos, and Microsoft Office documents even when the device accessing the file doesn't have the software that would normally be required.

Offline Benefit of Google Drive Sync

There's no need for Internet connection to update, change, or create content. View and add to data when offline using the benefit of software for Windows and Macs that synchronizes a copy of files stored on Google Drive. As an example, if Microsoft Office is installed on your computer and you open the Google Drive folder to access an MS Office file, Google Drive will open in MS Office. Any changes, as well as changes to other files in Google Docs, Gmail, and Calendar are synced automatically when the device reconnects to the Internet.

Save any file to the Cloud by moving it to the Google Drive folder on your computer. The file is no longer on the hard drive, but is accessible from any location. The advantage Google Apps provides users is a cloud-based design without desktop components to maintain. IT departments concentrate on other system concerns. Users can access files wherever they are located, regardless of the browser or device being used. The issue of endpoint computing from a private or shared device is moot because the data will be synced to cloud storage.

Advantages of Google Drive Mobile Apps

Google Drive Mobile Apps provides the luxury of on the go creation and edits of spreadsheets, presentations, and documents with rich text formatting using your iOS or Android. Google Drive API (application programming interface) accesses authorized files on the Google Cloud. Another advantage is seeing edits done by others in real time.

The infamous no phone zones lose their impact since files can be viewed offline. Whether you are driving in the middle of the desert, faced with uncertain Internet service in a huge building, or en route on a flight to Chicago, you can access your files without a connection.

The biggest advantage is that anything you upload using the app is available when you access Drive. Although losing your Smartphone, laptop, or notebook is inconvenient, at least the information stored on it is retrievable through the Cloud.