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Create and manage Maps in Google Drive


Recently, Google has been rolling out many promising updates to it's line of applications. Google apps are created for both individuals and businesses to utilize in making their work easier and more streamlined. These apps have stood the test of time and have shown business owners and decision makers that there is an easier way to do business - with Google apps.

One of the latest changes to the Google interface is the ability to create and manage maps, right from Google Drive. Both My Maps and Google Drive have proven themselves to be outstanding apps, built to increase flexibility in a business. My Maps is designed to let businesses create custom maps, that can then be used for a variety of purposes, like planning delivery routes that can then be used to enhance the efficiency of your business. Google Drive was created to be a mass storage area for all of your important documents, with the option to easily share these files with other businesses, or even within departments of a single business enterprise.

Now, these two apps have the capability to be linked together into one super-app. Google has outdone itself by combining these two already brilliant functions into a coherent whole, maximizing efficiency while promoting perspicuity. Business owners and workers will now have the ability to share custom made maps with other businesses or to different business departments. This one change, while it may seem insignificant, opens endless possibilities. Business owners will be floored with how easy it is to use this software.

Key Features of My Maps That You Should Know About

  • You are able to create custom lines on your maps, unlike with regular directional software that forces you to follow their pre-determined routes. Instead, you will be able to create your own routes from scratch, deciding exactly where your employees will be traveling.
  • Like all Google apps, My Maps integrated with Google Drive is created with your convenience and privacy in mind. Your maps will have an array of privacy options for you to chose from. If you want a map just for yourself, for your personal use, chose not to share it with anyone and your information will stay secure. Other options including sharing with a select few, sharing with a group, sharing with the entire company, or blasting it over the entire surface of the internet for any single person to have access to.
  • Use these maps for a variety of purposes. Some ideas include delivery routes, advertising the location of a new business or chain location, or even sharing the location of a special promotional event or meeting.
  • Add your own unique landmarks to your maps. You will be able to import geographical data, such as addresses, quickly and easily so the process of creating a new map doesn't take days out of your allotted time budget. Chose to add landmarks along the way so your employees know exactly where to go, at each step along the journey.

All Google apps are designed to be new and exciting, and each change is something to be interested in. The merging of My Maps and Google Drive is no exception in the long line of updates from this company. Check it out now and explore the possibilities.