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Crush HR, Recruiting and Staffing Headaches with Vana Workforce

We here at Coolhead Tech love to see our client businesses grow from a few employees into larger, multi-department organizations. But we don't like to see them suffer from the growing pains that come when their workforce becomes more complicated and less manageable.

So we always ask: Are you using Human Capital Management (HCM) software?

High-tech solutions to human resource problems aren't always a good idea for small and medium businesses. A lot of us don't have the budget or the time to spend figuring out complicated software. A lot of the HCM software out there is a "one-sized fits all" solution that (in our opinion) is better suited to large companies. It makes sense; the software developers want those big accounts and the big money that comes with them.

That's why we're featuring Vana Workforce HCM software today. Vana provides on-demand HR software for small and medium enterprises just like the Central Texas businesses we partner with.

Ideally, human capital management solutions cover everything "from hire to retire." They should give your business the technology it needs to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle. This includes everything from sourcing to recruiting, from hiring to "onboarding" new workers into the organization.

The newly-released Vana HCM Release Update 9 introduces expanded functionality to Vana's popular human resource and talent management tools. It can give you the power to access and update personal and job information from anywhere, from any device. You and other managers can perform transactions for direct reports in seconds. Workflow and approvals automate business processes in real time.

Vana's software is developed on Force.com, Salesforce.com's enterprise cloud computing platform for building employee-facing social apps. Vana Workforce is available stand-alone or plugged directly into your Salesforce.com environment. With support for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, you'll enjoy the same security and rules as the core application even when you're running your business on the go.

"Small and Medium Enterprises can now finally deploy one integrated and organically developed HR and Talent Management Software solution to manage the entire workforce," said David Vanheukelom, CEO of Vana Workforce, via a press release.

Is your business hiring? Vana lets you track applicants throughout the hiring process. You'll create configurable job postings with built-in resume processing to automatically parse resume attachments. Post in real-time to more than 10,000 job boards and on major social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Vana Workforce: Human Capital Management (HCM) Software for the Cloud

Ready to hire someone? Build custom offer letters and email them directly to your potential hires. With Vana's DocuSign integration you won't need fax machines or scanners. You'll also simplify your new hire's onboarding process by using the built-in "onboarding wizard" to make sure new employees hit the ground running.

Time sheets and payroll can be created and administered, completely integrated with absence and holiday schedules. Payroll Connect enables the seamless integration of any data from Vana to payroll vendors including ADP, Paylocity and Paychoice.

When you have HCM questions, Vana has answers. Vana comes with ongoing support via consulting and deployment services focused on your business and its particular needs. Expert business strategists will help you with workforce management, customer relationship management, financial management and collaboration issues. Coupled with IT and deployment services from Coolhead Tech, you'll have a complete in-the-cloud HR department supporting you every day.

Vana Workforce is tailored for businesses with 10 to 250 employees, but the company has customers on every continent. Contact Coolhead Tech today if you're interested in a free trial of this powerful HCM software.