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Docs is Google for Work's alternative to Word.


A good word processing program is flexible and easy to use with as few restrictions and distractions as possible. There are a handful of word processing programs and applications, with Microsoft Word being one of the most popular and well-known. For a long time, there were not many alternatives to Word, especially for professionals who needed specific features. Fortunately, we have an alternative that is dependable, innovative, and packed with user friendly features.

Google Docs is an easy to use word processing tool packed with all the features you need. You will notice the difference immediately with the simplistic layout and design

Google Docs is flexible

You can save your document as a .docx, PDF, .rtf, .tiff or .html format. Google Docs does not limit their users allowing you to convert other formats to a Google Doc. This feature allows you to forward your documents to people currently enjoying the flexibility of the Google word processor, as well as allowing you to convert documents sent to you into Google Docs.

Google Docs is accessible 

Google Docs enables you to access your documents from any Internet connected device. The pure cloud solution makes it easy for you to work on projects where ever. This is excellent for those who want to take their work home or on the road. 

Google Docs Is Collaborative

Working on a group project? With this Google word program, up to 50 people can edit and view documents. Easy administrative controls allows you to set up viewing and editing permissions for all members of the group. Changes are easily made and visible, and you have access to each version thanks to the cloud.

Google Docs is the solution and the alternative for Microsoft Word. In addition to the many Google for work tools, apps and options, this Google word solution is ideal for all your word processing needs, and is a good complement to other Google tools and features. No matter what you are working on Google Docs is there for you, making collaborations, creation, and organization a snap.