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Dutch university dumps Microsoft cloud for Google Apps

Tilburg was supposed to be the first Dutch university to migrate its students to Microsoft's Live@edu cloud services. But because Live@edu's successor, Office 365, is still not available, the university is abandoning the migration and switching to Google Apps instead.In the fierce battle for the Dutch education market, Microsoft has suffered an awkward setback. Tilburg University, which has been dabbling with cloud services for two years, has unceremoniously dumped Microsoft for its rival Google. The reason? Microsoft is dragging its feet with the transition from Live@edu to Office 365, which is still not completely available to schools, colleges and universities. So Tilburg is putting its 13,000 students' accounts in the Google cloud instead, moving away from Live@edu.Microsoft confirms that the complete Office 365 suite, launched in June 2011, is still not available for the education market. "Our transition from Live@edu to Office 365 for education is phased. Exchange Online and Lync Online are available right now, and the complete, integrated suite will be available from June," said Michael Kleine, manager for education at Microsoft Netherlands, who adds that this road map is worldwide.Too late, said Corno Vromans, deputy director of IT services at Tilburg University. "We want the migration finished before the summer. I'd actually rather go with Office 365, but it's taking too long. Microsoft has been cooperating and trying hard, but we simply can't wait any longer." So Vromans is now migrating his students to Google Apps for Education.  More Via PC Advisor