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Enterprise Level Security for Google Apps with Cloudlock

cloudlock-security-for-google-apps-screenshotSecurity for any business is an important aspect to take into consideration, because even a single leak on the network or computer system is going to result in a potential loss of data, including financial and client records. This is exactly why a business, no matter the kinds of services or features it offers, needs to take security incredibly seriously. Although there are different programs and applications that provide this kind of a service, Cloudlock might just be one of the best, due to the amount of coverage it offers and the price tag for which it comes at. 

Cloudlock provides a collaboration security for Google Applications. Most businesses simply focus on the firewall and software that runs on an internal network. However, with the growing number of applications reaching mobile devices, scamming and virus threats are becoming more and more real. This is why the collaboration security for all Google Applications is so important. This firewall and security also works with data stored in Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud based service that allows businesses to store data over an Internet connection. With Cloudlock, it is possible to classify, protect and identify sensitive information. The Cloudlock gives the ability to control and access all Google App domains, so it is possible to see where traffic is moving and what is causing the largest potential towards. Some additional protective features that come with Cloudlock include auditing for compliance with Google documents, Google Drive and different Google websites, plus the ability to secure Google documents. 

There are different prices attached to the Cloudlock software. The first is the Professional grade, which comes with security, data discovery and meta-data policy engine for $12 per user per year. The next option is the Enterprise feature, which comes with everything in the Professional option, plus a full content policy engine. This offering costs $15 per user per year. The third feature is the Compliance offering, that comes with everything in the Enterprise service plus PII/PCI and Pattern Search features. All of this costs a total of $19 per user per year. 

Maintaining security over all aspects of a business remains a very important aspect for any company. While many focus primarily on the security of a desktop or laptop computer, mobile applications are becoming more and more susceptible to potential threats, and this is exactly why a company should consider using the software