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Our Favorite Integration for Freshbooks is Fundbox.


#FundboxFaces.   Here at Coolhead Tech, we have a strong focus on Cloud and business applications. While we primarily focus on rolling out Google Apps and Hubspot deployments, we also deal with applications like Freshbooks, which is used to create and manage invoices for freelancers and small-medium sized businesses.

Freshbooks doesn't just manage invoices, either- it also deals with expense and time-tracking, as well as financial reporting and a platform for add-ons that extend the functionality of the program. Through integrations with other applications (via apps like Zapier), Freshbooks can be used alongside other applications to become more powerful. In this article, we'll go over two of the best applications you can integrate with Freshbooks.


"Freshbooks Fav" Integration Runner Up:  HubSpot

HubSpot is a our preferred platform for inbound marketing. Through Hubspot, you can draw traffic to your sites and services, keep track of things like search engine optimization and sales leads, and communicate with potential customers. Hubspot integrates with Freshbooks by allowing sales leads from Hubspot to be seamlessly synchronized into Freshbooks- this means there's very little extra work in turning a lead into a customer, since the process is automated and both applications retain all of the information on this contact.


Fundbox Should Be Every Freshbooks User's Favorite.

Fundbox helps Coolhead overcome cash flow gaps so we can pay our local contractors and partners quickly.    The Freshbooks integration makes it super easy for us to quickly access funds from recent jobs.



Fundbox is an alternative small business funding source - it allows business users to get an advance on outstanding invoices. Fundbox advances invoices by allowing you and your business to go ahead and borrow the money that you already have coming to you, based on your invoices.

"It's like giving yourself an advance."

You pay the full price of the invoice  (plus an additional clearing fee) over the course of 12 weeks.    The process is very straight forward and the integration with Freshbooks makes it all the easier to use and manage.

Once you integrate Freshbooks and Fundbox, every invoice made in Freshbooks will appear in Fundbox. From there, Fundbox will allow you to choose what invoices you want to advance through its service- past the initial setup between the two applications, the two work together seamlessly afterwards, which is why we view it so favorably. Fundbox also works with other invoicing applications, such as Quickbooks.



Learning More

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