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Find the Social Media Match for Your Business

Social media. It's a vital marketing tool for your company. Many companies may not understand the use of social media or how big of a presence it has become. According to eMarketers.com 90 percent of businesses utilize social media as one of their main marketing strategies.

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With 30 percent of the world’s population on social media, consumers are more likely to find your company if you have a successful presence on social media. The real challenge comes to finding the right social media for your business to engage in. But this is not as challenging as it may sound. There are several social media networks, but not all of them are the right match to help your business succeed in generating leads for potential clients. When choosing a social media network to market your business you should consider the following:

Who are my clients?
When considering signing your business up for a social media network, you should always consider who your business’s clients are. A vast amount of time spent by online users is on social media, but each social media network brings in a different clientele. Understanding the demographics associated with the social media network will help your business to save time and money in using social media to market your business.

How will my business better utilize social media?

The content you produce will give clients a reason to want to stay engaged and learn more about your business. Will your business be producing videos, blogs, special offers and discounts, or photo content? When you decide what content your business will produce for clients, choosing your social media soulmate will become easier. Remember, with producing content you want to make sure that the content is what will shine the best light on your business. If your business does not produce photo or video content, then Pinterest or Youtube are not the right match for you.

What are my clients getting from my presence in the social media platform?

Your business should have an understanding of the different social media networks so you know where to focus your marketing. Your business should understand social media networks such as:

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media network that can be seen as Facebook for professionals. There are no fan pages here, but rather businesses networking with other businesses around the globe. Keep alert on what is geared for your business and make connections to let professionals know of your skills and experience. 

  • Facebook

Once a social media playground for college students, Facebook has expanded into a marketing arena. Facebook has become a place for users to closely interact with their favorite brands and discover new businesses. Your company is able to gauge reactions, wants and needs as consumers interact by commenting and liking. Consumers can also learn about promotions, new products and events your company has to offer. Sharing is a major role in the world of Facebook; users will share your page, links, videos and pictures of your products with their friends and family online. Think of it as a faster, updated version of "word of mouth" marketing. 

  • Twitter

Twitter is one of the top social media networks. It allows your company to attract followers and give them updated information on news from your business. Twitter lets you build a positive presence that will attract followers who will share links and send leads your way. The domino effect of Twitter can be amazing if your company stays consistent in its presence.

Open the door to potential clients by thanking your new followers. Give them a free ebook or sample offer. Having "active" followers makes all the difference for your business, so you want to produce interesting content that will catch attention and turn it into a lead.

You want to focus the best aspects of your business on the right social media sites. Social media is helpful, but can be harmful to your business if you bite off more than you can chew. Understanding your clients and the content you will use to bring in potential clients through social media will help your business make for a clear and successful presence in social media.

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