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This Free Trial of G Suite Business Offers More than Anyone.


Google Cloud has long offered a 14 Day free trial of G Suite Basic that can be instantly provisioned and easily upgraded to a paid subscription of either Basic or G Suite Business or Enterprise. Now Coolhead Tech is offering a special 30 Day Free Trial of G Suite Business that users can instantly provision.


Google Cloud's 14 Day Free Trial of G Suite

Google has long offered the first two weeks of G Suite Basic at no cost. The free trial includes the choice of G Suite Basic or G Suite Business. The offer has become the cornerstone of Google's G Suite Referral Program.

In the G Suite Referral program, which is similar to an internet affiliate program, any internet user who qualifies can earn money for every G Suite domain that signs-up. The program pays a one time referral fee of either US $15 (for the G Suite Basic plan) or US $30 (for G Suite Business plan), up to US $3,000 per domain.

Lots of independent internet users, website owners and G Suite enthusiasts take advantage of this program and are duly rewarded for helping their peers, friends and family get started, for free, with G Suite.


Coolhead Tech's Exclusive 30 Day Free Trial of G Suite Business

We realize that 14 days may not be enough time to fully appreciate all of the features in G Suite Business and evaluate the effort to migrate messages and files to the collaboration platform.

Today, we're introducing an exclusive 30 day Free Trial of G Suite Business that includes proof of concept migrations and up to 7 hours of deployment planning and migration support.  Potential G Suite customers can choose between a self-service free trial or request free, white-glove support and deployment assistance.


Here's Everything That's Included in the Coolhead Tech Free Trial for G Suite:


  • 30 Days of Free G Suite Business Licensing
  • Free Trial Data Migrations for all users in your organization
  • Up to 7 Hours of Free Deployment Planning and Consulting 


We've developed this process to best meet the needs of mid-size businesses and organizations.  Coolhead Tech works directly with IT departments for exclusive Google Cloud experience, insights and processes.   Start your free trial of G Suite Business with Coolhead Tech today.


Start a Free Trial of G Suite Business