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G Suite: A Smarter Way Makes a Smarter Day

work-smarter-with-gsuite.jpgBusinesses have long pushed the communal ideas of sharing and communicating at all levels. Individuals should formulate their best ideas, present them to others for consideration and brainstorming-related improvement, and then allow the ideas to organically morph into concepts and plans owned by the team rather than any one individual. Everyone then has ownership in the success of the idea or concept. A mid-size team working together will be able to compete with the best of the global companies.


At first, technology individualized work. One screen, one user, little to no collaboration. Google sought to rectify that ten years ago with the release of Google Apps for Your Domain (which became Google Apps for Work). GAFW helped people work together across the globe and across a variety of platforms so that innovation and business could move forward together. This week they have announced GSuite, the next giant leap forward in collaboration and community.


GSuite: Maximizing an Employee’s Value


The new G Suite is a dynamic set of intelligent apps. The set includes Gmail, Hangouts, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and more. By making them more collaborative and more accessible, Google has both connected people and empowered them to work together in ways that will bring efficiency, cooperation, and shared responsibility to their companies. Google has also transformed their application goals so that there can be more of a focus on speed, agility, and impact. By doing so, mid-sized businesses can compete with their larger competitors.


G Suite allows information to be universally accessed within and between devices and applications and among your best people and strongest teams. Gone will be the days when a majority of an employee’s productivity time is spent on menial, repetitive, organizational tasks such as emailing, information gathering, and scheduling. Employees will now be able to do what they were hired to do – exercise their best skills on your most important projects. For small to mid-sized businesses this means getting more value out of each employee. When you have fewer employees than a multinational corporation, your need every employee to maximize their efforts in the time that they have, G Suite brings the value back to each employee


G Suite: A Smarter Way Makes a Smarter Day


  • Smarter Online Storage – It has been said that up to one full day per week is spent by an employee searching for or gathering information. Google has turned Quick Access in Drive on Android into an easily accessible, file prioritizing application feature. Drive uses machine intelligence to understand your workday and make predictive decisions on file accessibility even before you ask.
  • Smarter Scheduling – Google Calendar will now coordinate meetings with attendees based upon each attendee’s availability. No longer will “What time are you free?” e-mails have to bounce like a ping pong ball between inboxes. When groups become large, Calendar will suggest times with the least conflict.
  • Smarter Spreadsheets – No longer will you have to speak machine language to write formulas that will be used to create spreadsheets. Now the machine speaks your language. Explore in Google Sheets will use machine intelligence to allow you to write a question using your natural language. From that question, Explore will use Natural Language Processing to translate your question, create a formula based upon that question, and automatically create charts and insights that reflect the results of the formula.
  • Smarter Documents – Google is adding Explore with machine intelligence to Google Docs. Explore will intelligently recommend related topics, images, and content that would be useful for the document you are composing. It’s a virtual encyclopedia of ideas, images, and graphics working alongside you as you create.
  • Smarter Presentations – Explore in Google Slides means that you will no longer have to spend the bulk of your presentation creation time formatting slides. As you add content, Explore will offer dynamic suggestions for layout.
  • Smarter Over Time – The intelligent features now built in to G Suite will learn over time. This means ongoing improvement and relevance will be brought to every project. You will also save time and gain efficiency so that the employee can work on the creative aspects, collaboration, and strategic planning of a project rather than its formatting.

While Google helps you companies work smarter, more collaboratively, and more efficiently, the value of every employee become exponentially magnified. For mid-sized businesses, this means results. Not only can you take on more projects (and assuredly will), but you can also better present your business as an option that can work on the same deadlines and with the same results as larger companies. G Suits is the great equalizer between small, mid-sized, and large.


G Suite will change the way you not only can do business, but also the way in which you want to do business.