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Everything a CIO Needs to Know About G Suite Enterprise


G Suite Enterprise is a premium offering from Google Cloud that enables teams to collaborate and innovate faster from any location, in real-time.    It provides access to advanced controls and capabilities. Visibility and control are key aspects in today's business environment. Google's premier office suite meets these requirements with ease and can help lift and shift an enterprise to new heights in The Cloud.

G Suite Enterprise edition offers more insights and analytics by connecting BigQuery with Gmail. Companies can leverage increased data control using S/MIME for Gmail and data loss prevention (DLP) for Google Drive. In addition, the suite provides robust access control features for administrators with security key enforcement.

In addition to the most advanced cloud infrastructure, the service also boasts comprehensive security that is built-in at every layer. G Suite Enterprise customers can take advantage of reliable infrastructure and advanced detection systems. Hundreds of world-class engineers support the infrastructure to maximize protection and reliability.

Google is committed to ensuring data privacy and conducts verification audits via third parties. In turn, customers can satisfy compliance requirements. Healthcare provider, government agencies and banks from around the world are turning to G Suite Enterprise.

According to Gartner, ''the addition of an Enterprise SKU brings extra security and management features not previously available.'' Analysts agree that ''Google's positioning of the plans makes sense.''


Premium administrative Cloud Controls in G Suite Enterprise

Some of the key administrative controls offered by the Enterprise edition include:

  • Scan email traffic for specific content
  • S/MIME encryption
  • Security key for user authentication
  • Analyze Gmail logs in BigQuery
  • Use of third-party email archiving product
  • Enhanced Google Drive security
  • Scan images for text


Scan and protect Drive files in G Suite Enterprise

This feature allows administrators to define rules aimed at maximizing privacy protection when sharing sensitive Google Drive files. It uses data loss prevention (DLP) to set up policy-based detectors that will flag any sensitive content. When such content is detected, the system can inform super administrators via email, block file sharing involving sensitive content or send an email to the user who uploaded, created or edited the file.


Monitor Gmail using G Suite Enterprise's data loss prevention App

Gmail data loss prevention (DLP) allows organizations to scan both inbound and outbound emails for sensitive content. The system checks for content, such as social security and credit card numbers. The feature is only available to G Suite Enterprise customers. Attachments, message body and the email subject are automatically scanned once a DLP policy is configured. It is also possible for administrators to create more sophisticated content compliance policies.

Read images in Attachments using optical character recognition (OCR)

Enterprise customers can use OCR technology to scan image files and extract text. Some of the image formats that can be scanned include JPG, PNG and GIF. The extracted text is subject to DLP policies and actions.


G Suite Enterprise allows you to Integrate Gmail with a third-party archiving solution

Third-party archiving provides a practical way for organizations to comply with email requirements like the SEC Rule 17a-4. In addition, it lets users gain access to archives while maintaining the entity's use of a third-party solution.

Big businesses on Enterprise can Enable email logs in BigQuery

Gmail log search in BigQuery can be used to analyze email logs and retain email data for a predefined period. Also, G Suite Enterprise customers can conduct deep analysis using the command line, BigQuery web UI or third-party tools. The feature enables the creation of dashboards and customer reports using tools like Google Data Studio.


Here's Everything in G Suite Business

Google Cloud Enterprise Customers get all of the above and all of these features included.

In addition to the Enterprise-only features, customers also gain access to all G Suite Business features. These include:

Unlimited storage – each user in a company can store unlimited files in Google Drive, including photos and email messages. Organizations with four or fewer users are provided up to 1 terabytes of storage space per user.

Apps-wide search – customers can obtain useful information and search for different types of in-house content across G Suite apps using Google Cloud Search.


Some of the available Apps administrator controls in G Suite Business and Enterprise:

  • Archiving with Vault - retain, archive, search, and export company data

  • Advanced reports – custom alerts and advanced Google Drive audit reports

  • Drive activity alerts – custom alerts on activities, such as file sharing with external domains

  • Security keys - deploy and monitor security keys


Additional policy controls in G Suite Enterprise

These controls let administrators restrict additional tasks to specific employees. Some of the restricted actions include:

  • Use Docs add-ons created by third-party developers
  • Use Docs editors offline.
  • Open files in third-party web apps via the Chrome Web Store
  • Sync Drive files with local files on the user's PC
  • External sharing of Drive and Docs editors files


G Suite Enterprise Pricing and Options

The standard, list price for G Suite Enterprise users is $25/user/month.    The price reflects the additional value in 3rd party archive solutions as well as additional command and control over data, users and Apps.


Upgrade to G Suite Enterprise from Basic or Business

Google Cloud Partners have a limited-time offer for G Suite Basic and G Suite Business users to upgrade to G Suite Enterprise for just $15/user/month.   The offer is valid until September 30, 2017 and applies only to midsize enterprise customers with at least 350 G Suite business users.


Upgrade or Purchase New G Suite Enterprise Licenses from $15.63/user/Month.

Why $15.63 for Enterprise licenses? Google has goofy ways of offering discounts.  They offer Buy X get Y deals then allow you to take the offer through a monthly discount.,

The following offers are available for any new G Suite Enterprise customer :

    • 12 Months for the price of 8 Months ( 8 * $25 / 12 ) = $16.666 / User/Month
    • 24 Months for the price of 15 Months.  (15 * $25 / 24 ) = $15.625 /User/Month

After the promotional period, Google Cloud customers are be billed the full G Suite Enterprise price ($25/user)  on a monthly basis.  Customers that qualify (at least 1000 users?) can mix and match G Suite Licenses.  

Mix and Match G Suite Business & Enterprise Licenses for the Best Value

G Suite Enterprise offers a significant feature set that's sure to please any information security minded and innovative CIO.   The price point at the end of the promotional period does not currently justify the featureset available.   

Our recommendation would be to take advantage of the 24 Months of G Suite Enteprise for the cost of 15 months offer, if any.  Specifically in New G Suite Apps Deployments, an administrator could separate users into different Google domains for more flexible licensing options.   

The configuration capability of G Suite Business and Enterprise allow for an Apps Administrator to connect the customers in a trusted and meaningful manner without comprising the security features for the users in G Suite Enterprise.  

Our Google certified engineers help G Suite Business and enteprise IT teams implement trusted domains, Active directory synchronization,  long term Exchange Co-existence and other expert solutions to help bring Google Cloud Down to Earth.