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Your G Suite Pricing Questions Answered

g-suite-coolhead-questionsEvery year Coolhead Tech and Google Partners migrate thousands of companies to G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise.   At first glance, Google's G Suite pricing is straight forward but most of the questions we receive relate to pricing and the cost of Google Apps and Services.

Today I'm going to try to answer your most common questions to G Suite Pricing.   You should note that Google offers a lot of G Suite price promotions and Google Cloud Partners, like Coolhead Tech and Friends can offer many different pricing options for customers based on any number of factors.   

What are the different G Suite editions and their cost?

G Suite Pricing is quite affordable and is available at four different pricing levels. Each level offers additional features and options. Basic is available for $5.00 per user per month and offers basic features and 30 gigs of cloud storage. Business is available for $10.00 per user per month and adds archiving and unlimited cloud storage. Enterprise is available for $25.00 per user per month and adds customization features and advanced controls. Lastly, the Team edition is available for $10.00 per user per month and is designed to work alongside existing email and calendar programs not replace them.


Does Google offer a free trial of G Suite?

Yes!   You can use G Suite for free for 14 days and create up to 10 user accounts. There is no commitment to purchase the service and you can use a full range of G Suite features to see if it fits your needs. Coolhead Tech offers two types of free trials of G Suite, both come with an added bonus: 20% off your first year - should you choose to continue your G Suite subscription after the free trial period.   The two types of trials Coolhead offers include the traditional self-service free trial and a free white glove trial of G Suite.  The G Suite free white glove trial includes assistance in set up of the free trial as well as guided advice to help you determine if G Suite is right for your business or organization.


How do I purchase G Suite for my business?

You can purchase the service directly either online or through Google’s Sale Team.    As noted above you do receive a free 14-day trial and billing does not start until it ends. However, you are limited to only 10 trial user accounts creating more than 10 accounts ends the trial and starts service billing.

G Suite is also offered through a limited number of Google Cloud Partners.  These G Suite resellers offer additional assistance and service such as technical migrations, account administration and G Suite training.   Most Google Cloud partners will match or beat Google's price on G Suite.   


How do I cancel my trial if I decide not to purchase G Suite?

The trial automatically cancels at the end of 14 days if no billing information has been entered. It can also be canceled using information found here.


What is the cost to setup and migrate to G Suite?

That depends on how you want to handle the migration. It can be done yourself at no additional charge or handled by a licensed Google Partner for an affordable fee. Google’s Support Team is also available to assist in walking you through a migration.    

Most Google Cloud Partners charge a per user migration fee.   Data migration software such as Bit Titan's MSP Complete and UK's The Cloud migrator are also priced on a per-user basis.   Typical costs for the software range from $12-$15 US Dollars with comparable costs for technical migration services.


When do I set up billing?

Billing can be set up at any time. However, if you do not set up billing during your 14-day trial the account will automatically be suspended at the trial’s end.


What forms of payment does Google accept?

Google accepts major international credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Direct debit via a bank account is also available in some locations.      Some G Suite business and enterprise customers qualify for invoicing for the apps.   Additionally Google Cloud Partners, like Coolhead Tech, have more flexible payment and billing terms and conditions.


Can I pay for a full year of G Suite up front rather than monthly?

G Suite pricing is available as an annual plan in certain countries. Check the pricing page for more information and to check for local availability.


What constitutes a user in terms of pricing?

In G Suite pricing terms a user is anyone who has a personalized email address. Users can have up to 30 email aliases also, group email aliases (such as a support email box) don’t count as a user.


Do aliases count as a user and how many aliases can a user have?

No, email aliases do not count as individual users. Each user has access to up to 30 email aliases as needed.


Is a domain included as a part of G Suite?

A domain name is its own separate charge. You are not required to purchase a domain if you already have one (you enter existing domain information during the sign-up process) but the option is available during the sign-up process if needed for an additional fee.


Did I answer your G Suite Billing Question?

I sure hope I did!   If not, ask me anything about G Suite Pricing or Billing in the comments below or contact Coolhead Tech Today to get your G Suite migration or services under way.