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google-apps-for-business-datasheetGoogle Apps for Business help in creating a better work process and making the business over all productive through Google’s 100% web-based solutions with no need to purchase or maintain servers. Google Apps are secure and provide reliable workplace tools for chat, email, calendar, document creation, project websites and video sharing.

Google Apps for Business include:

  • Gmail: accessible from any mobile device with a data connection. User familiar with Microsoft Outlooks can continue using it via Gmail. Google Message Discovery is a new addition in Gmail.
  • Google Calendar: accessible from any web browser and works with all mobile platforms. It aids with organization of employee schedules or manage shared calendars. With quick Add feature, one can create appointments easily.
  • Google Docs: enables multi-person and real time collaboration for documents, presentations, drawing, and spreadsheets to increase group work efficiency. It also supports the import and export from all common file formats.
  • Google Sites: allows the users to create and share their own project websites without programming skills.
  • Google Groups: supports administrators, user-managed email lists and discussion groups. It also simplifies sharing within Google Docs.
  • More Google Applications: Blogger, Google Reader, Google Voice, Google+ - all accessible through Google Apps account. Hundreds of third party applications are also available from Google Apps Marketplace that extend Google Apps capabilities like CRM, project management etc.

app_sphere_voiceCompanies have a lot of benefits to reap from Google Apps. Companies can save costs because of the proven productivity and work for continuous innovation without falling for upgrade hassles. Since Google Apps provide state of the art security, it is extremely reliable. There is always the option of extensibility with Google Apps since it makes running the entire business on the web very easy.

Major features of Google Apps contain: Core Google Apps suite (such as Gmail, Google talk, Google Groups, Google Docs, Google Calendar etc.), other Google applications like Google Voice, Google Reader and Blogger etc.; a variety of Marketplace Applications, eDiscovery Tools, multi-platform mobile access, Microsoft Outlook access, APIs, reliability, security and 24/7 support.