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Google Apps for Business means workgroup productivity

google-apps-collaboration-datasheet-1Google Apps for Business enables secure, real-time collaboration among workgroups of all sizes. Google makes information very usable from any browser or smart phones with a number of hosted documents so that customers can work without any restriction on their location or timing. The need for additional hardware and software is eliminated by SAML based Single Sign-on services that integrate seamlessly with authentication systems. The following Google Apps for Business increase workgroup productivity.

Google Docs (Documents, spreadsheets and presentations):

One of the main features of Google Docs is to allow real-time and simultaneous editing through which multiple users can work together. There is no need for file attachments or even embed docs on webpages as all documents, spreadsheets or presentations can be displayed in Google Sites with few click. Google Docs allow making surveys and web forms, present all docs through web and use customizable template while managing and accessing files online in different formats.

Google Sites

allows the users to build any kind of websites and share them with internal or external partners like clients, vendors or partners. Rich content and can embedded as all documents, presentations, videos, web forms, gadgets all can be displayed in one place without any required coding. With Google search technology, finding information becomes instant and easy.

Google Groups

allows the users to create online communities and share information through email or web discussions. Contents like Google Docs, Sites, Videos and Calendar can be shared securely with any group. Other features include browsing and searching group archives, and having custom settings for Group owners

Google Video

allows visual communication by sharing more information and making content like training/executive communication that becomes more personal and engaging. The easy web based video sharing can host a number of videos. These videos can be embedded anywhere and displayed on Google Sites. The community features like rating videos, adding comments and using tags can make the videos more discoverable.

All these Google Apps can be accessed on a variety of mobile platforms to enhance the workgroup productivity. google-apps-collaboration-datasheet-1