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Watch for this Change to the way you login to Google Apps

unified-login-google-appsRecently the Google apps team advised clients about impending changes to Google apps login page set for this year. The update is meant to create consistency across Google apps services such as Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Drive. Here are the proposed updates that you and other organisations with Google apps need to know.

  1. The Google Apps login page will no longer be customizable. Unlike in the past when one could use custom logos and colours, the login page will look the same across all login pages to all the user.
  2. You will be required to give your full email address when logging into Google Apps. (For example, ">)
  3. For users working with single sign-on domains (SSO) with a network mask, Google Apps team will provide them with a new Google sign –in page when they log in outside the SSO domain mask. This change however, does not affect SSO domains without a network mask.

2 Major Benefits of the Google Apps Login Update:

  • Improved Security

Google Apps aims at improving security by offering users same login process across all its services. To an extent, this is true. However, the decision is likely to rattle feathers with companies that will not rejoice having branding removed from their pages. It will also take some time before people get accustomed to the change.

  • Easier switching between accounts

The redesigned page will make it easier for you to switch between accounts. Google has started consolidating accounts as we have seen so far. You will have an opportunity to login in a specific account with the same password. Logging in and out will become much easier and easily manageable. You will have no difficulties adding and managing accounts on Google apps. This comes in the background of a recently unveiled chrome app launcher that stores all your Google apps on chrome.

Google intends to release more information on the proposed updates to system administrators so that the same can be passed to end users. It has however not yet put a specific date for the changeover. Keep posted to know when Google releases the changeover date.