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Hundreds of international thought leaders. Meaningful networking. Best practice sharing.  Where can you find all of this? At the 2015 Google for Work’s Atmosphere Digital event.

When you can predict the future of work, you can work better today, and that’s what Google executives and business leaders will help you to do during this one-hour event.

Google's Workplace Predictions

How does it help you to know what Google executives predict about the changing workplace over the next five years? This information may help you to use rapidly changing technology that could help you to reduce costs, increase revenues, or improve communication among your employees. By staying on the cusp of cutting-edge technology, your business can stay a step ahead of the competition.

Technology is changing so rapidly that we get caught up in the moment and fail to see our amazing trajectory. If you step back and think about technology 5 years ago, you’ll see that seismic changes have occurred in your career, your lifestyle, and the technology you use every day. Just think where we’ll be 5 years from now. This event will help you to do just that.

Google's Trends-to-Expect

Proven business leaders from around the globe will share their predictions of which trends to expect over the coming 5 years. These tried-and-true leaders understand how changing technology affects the workplace, and they have the experience to know how and when to incorporate new developments in the digital world. By attending Atmosphere Digital, you will gain rare access to the combined wisdom of an amazing group of world business leaders.

Last year’s Atmosphere speakers addressed the following topics, among others:

  • A review of new Apps that serve as business solutions for flexibility, productivity, and fast growth
  • Evolution in the Drive for Work products that can improve workplace speed and security
  • Ways to manage your mobile workforce with Chrome and Android devices
  • How to make all of your business process mobile, flexible, and scalable by more effective using the Cloud
  • A sneak peek at the tools and technologies being rolled out to Google’s business partners in coming months



Tangible Ways to Work Better Today

Talking about 5 years from now is well and good, but you need to know how to improve your business today. At Atmosphere Digital you’ll hear valuable tips and ideas that you can put into action immediately. You don’t have to wait years to begin reaping the benefits. You can begin on October 20.

Register today to attend Atmosphere Digital, and begin walking confidently into the next 5 years.