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open google calenderScheduling a meeting doesn't have to be a hassle if your team is on Google Apps for Business.  Google Calendar can check everyone's calendar and provide you with the best time for a meeting and keep track of meeting invites.  All in a couple of clicks or taps.

You can schedule a meeting by clicking the Create button or by clicking anywhere on your calendar.

  1. Open Google Calendar.

  2. Do either of the following:

Option 1: In the upper-left of your calendar, click Create to open the event details page.

create google calender

Option 2: Or, click a spot on your calendar to create a 1-hour event. Click and drag to create an event of more than 1 hour. Then type the event title in the box. Here’s an example:

create event


Click Create Event to immediately publish the event, or click Edit event to add more details to the event.

  1. Enter details, such as recurrence, guests, an agenda, and a reminder.

  2. Click Save.

Edit event details later

If you've already scheduled and published your meeting, you can edit its details by clicking the title of the meeting on your calendar.

edit event

Note: Once you've finished entering meeting details, click Save at the top of the event details page.

Invite guests

  1. Go to the event details page of your meeting.

  2. In the Add: Guests section on the right side of the page, enter the first few letters of a guest's full name to look up the address in your corporate directory.

invite guests

  1. Select the guest to add him or her to your Guests list.

  2. Continue adding your guests’ email addresses one by one.


  • If your administrator has set up Google Groups (mailing lists) for your domain, you can add a group address to the Guests list. Or, you cancreate your own contact group in your personal contacts and add that to the Guests list.

  • If you copy and paste a guest list from another source (for example, a document), make sure you separate each address with a comma (semicolons are not supported).

  1. Optionally, select options in the Guests can section to allow or prevent guests from changing event details, inviting more people to your event, or viewing who else was invited.

 inviting more people to event

  1. If desired, fill in the rest of the fields on the page.

  2. Click Save.

Google Calendar asks you whether you want to send invitations to the guests. Your guests can respond to the meeting invitation and leave comments.


If you want to check the availability of guests before creating the event, use the Find a time tab. You can see how your proposed event time (in the blue box) works for each guest.

time meeting

If necessary, use the date and time options at the top of the tab to change the time for your meeting. Or, simply drag the blue box to a time available to all guests.